Many businesses fail due to utilizing outdated small business accounting systems. Fortunately, catching up can be pretty easy with the correct small business bookkeeping tools. Veryfi is a tried-and-trusted digital small business bookkeeping software used by thousands of small businesses. It offers various cutting-edge features to help you keep track of your cash inflows and outflows effectively. With it, you can also snap, upload, and send photos of invoices, receipts, and bills for you to monitor your business transactions easily.

Secured Accounting Records

Your small business accounting records can provide you a complete picture of your business. Unfortunately, it can also give your competition with access to your company secrets. With financial management slowly becoming more dependent on the internet, it is almost impossible to avoid sending financial data online.Going with an established, widely used platform like Veryfi means getting all of the security and trust that comes attached. Veryfi uses a secures system-of-record technology that ensures end-to-end communication between machines. This closed-loop method of document extraction reduces the likelihood of fraud, flaws, or breaches.

Wide Array Of Small Business Bookkeeping Features

Veryfi offers real-time data extractions without the need for manual entry, queues, or lag times. Furthermore, the dynamic aspect of this small business bookkeeping tool means that all data you upload are automatically categorized based on tax codes. Veryfi can easily align with your small business tax planning needs with the way it uses accounting tax codes to reconcile your entries against your company's bank records. Veryfi's insight-rich capabilities also provide you with intelligent reports for long-term planning and decision-making.

Easy And Secure QuickBooks Integration

Integrating Veryfi and Quickbooks is very easy and straightforward. By doing so, you can send your expenses data to your QBO account from anywhere, anytime. Veryfi is designed to let you access the system through a multitude of platforms such as your phone, tab, or even your Apple Watch.

Here are the steps to connect you Veryfi account to QuickBooks account:

Step 1: Login your account in and go to

Step 2: Using the search field, search Veryfi, and select the drop-down option showing Veryfi's logo.

Step 3: After selecting Veryfi, click the "Get app now" button. This will redirect you to a window that provides you some info regarding the integration.

Step 4: On the shown window, click "Connect." You should then see a sign-in field. If Intuit sees that your email address has an existing account under Veryfi, you will be asked to sign in with it. Otherwise, you will be redirected to a sign-up form for Veryfi.

Step 5: After the above step, you will be asked to select default values and other account setups to help sync QuickBooks and Veryfi properly. Some of these setups include:

  • The location where you want uploaded receipts to be archived

  • The default expense account that is to be used

  • New default options for classes and departments

  • New rules for syncing data

If you followed the above steps correctly, you should now have a Veryfi account that is connected to your QuickBooks Online account. The first thing that you'll notice as you take a look around your newly synced digital environment is that all of your expense accounts have been transferred to the expense categories in Veryfi.

You will have a chance to put your expenses in new categories within the Veryfi platform. Veryfi is then able to upload existing expenses to your expense accounts in QBO. The result is a reciprocal, closed-cycle data transmission that ensures you always have access to the information you need for small business tax planning and accounting. Our small business financial advisers can help you streamline and optimize the way you handle the accounting processes at your business. Our experienced small business accountants can also help you integrate QuickBooks and Veryfi. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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