Accountants for Law Firms

Our outsourced CPAs, tax accountants and CFO advisors can help you achieve financial success in legal accounting.

Our Expertise Unlocks Your Potential

Fusion CPA accountants can help your law firm streamline all aspects of financial management, including tax planning and making the most of your accounting software. We also offer CFO support to help you achieve financial clarity and mindful growth. 

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Tailored Solutions for Your Problems

Our industry accountants can help you with:

  • Specialized accounting services tailored to the unique needs of law firms, including accounts receivable management for both flat fee and billable hour clientele, monitoring revenue and collection patterns, escrow and trust account management, budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Establishing best practices for financial reporting, and maintaining accurate financial records to provide a clear view of your business’s financial data. This includes customized monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports.
  • A deep understanding of accounting software for legal firms, and how they can be integrated with other popular business management tools
  • Assistance with tax preparation, filing, and advice for strategies to minimize liabilities.
  • Risk management, and identifying key metrics and benchmarking to law firm industry standards and statistics.

Our accountants have specialist experience in the following:

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I reached out to the Fusion team and within about a week they got me onboarded and started managing my company’s books. Now I’m able to spend more time with my family and friends, and not wake up in the middle of the night worrying about whether I categorized last month's expenses correctly or if I filled out the right tax forms. The Fusion CPA team are truly the best.

Ensure Efficiency with the Right Software

The right software for your firm’s specific applications should offer a seamless way to automate business processes. To reap the benefits of the latest software, our accountants can help your law firm select and integrate the best solution to fit your unique needs. 

A vital component of any accounting software for legal firms is time tracking. Our team can help you choose the right program to accurately keep track of your billable hours and expenses.

Fusion CPA tax accountants can help you maximize deductions and prevent costly mistakes. We can save you time and ensure that your firm is compliant with IRS regulations.

Explore how we can help you with your taxes

Blogs for Law Firms

Our CEO, Trevor McCandless, guides you through starting the outsourced accounting journey.

We pave the way for sustainable growth with our 3 step process

Join our client journey without the commitment of an in-house accountant, tax or finance team!

During the stabilization phase, our team will address any accounting clean-up tasks that need to be executed to stabilize your business.

This includes organizing messy accounting records, reviewing prior tax fillings, and setting up efficient bookkeeping and reporting systems.

In this phase, we collaborate closely with you to design a tax strategy that effectively reduces your tax burden. We also focus on streamlining your accounting processes by analyzing your current systems and introducing tax optimization strategies.

 With Fusion CPA’s expertise, you can look forward to not just growing your business, but doing so in a financially smart and tax-efficient manner.

We understand that every business has its unique set of challenges and aspirations. That’s why our CFO Advisory service is designed to be more than just financial guidance – it’s a partnership to propel your business toward its unique goals. Our team of seasoned CFOs brings a wealth of experience and a personalized approach to help your business not just grow but scale in a way that aligns with your vision.