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Fusion CPA is forward-thinking and not your average accounting firm. We strive to be the most effective in our approach to utilizing technology along with the expertise of real people! Our team can advise you on the best accounting software for tech startups, SMBs, and enterprises. Helping companies stabilize their finances and transform the way they do financial planning has been paramount to their success.

Fusion CPA can streamline tech companies who are ready to reach their business goals in record time. We help businesses grow and flourish.


Accounting for Tech Startups, SMBs and Enterprises

Getting the right CPA for your accounting as a tech industry provider is essential. Accounting services offer long-term projections for success and real-time analysis of profit. The process of analyzing income, profits, and sales help businesses better plan for their overall success. Ultimately, doing so is highly beneficial in ensuring companies are on track to meet quarterly and annual financial goals.

Accountants that caters to the tech industry can also ensure businesses maintain expected inventory levels regularly for tech businesses offering products and installation services. Inventory, invoicing and appointment management services provide customers and clients with top-level service that can be difficult for owners to maintain independently.

  • Identifying the most flexible and advantageous entity type (corporation, partnership, or limited liability company)
  • Ongoing internal accounting for parent holding companies and subsidiaries (intellectual property, operating companies, etc.)
  • Monitor revenue and collection patterns (cash flow)
  • Scalability analysis
  • Multi-state, national operational compliance planning
  • Assist with equity and profit and loss allocation strategies
  • Establish financial reporting best practices
  • Risk management (insurance strategies)
  • Working hand in hand with your investment groups other advisors (lawyers, bankers, investors, etc.
  • Research & development tax credit analysis
  • Growth forecasting and financial accountability of the organization

Our Reviews

I have never used a professional tax preparation service before (I typically use TurboTax), but I had a very complicated tax issue this year and Trevor and Steven were awesome in helping me resolve it. They were extremely patient with my many questions. They were always accessible via email and phone and they took the time to break down complex tax provisions in a way that were easy to understand. I also appreciated how transparent they were about their fees and how efficient they were in researching issues and preparing my tax returns. I was thoroughly by their professionalism and friendliness, and I highly, highly recommend them!

Streamline Your Tech Company's Taxes

Business owners who fail to plan for proper, on-time tax payments may find themselves over- or under-paying. Initially, business owners may not find this problematic. However, as time goes on, it can create problems in your technology business’s long-term success. Underpayment, for instance, may result in companies shutting down or facing tax evasion lawsuits. Technology tax planning services help prevent issues like this from occurring.

Another concern many business owners have regarding tax preparation for their technology company involves the complexity of many tax filing situations. For most businesses, submitting an accurate tax return form requires year-round planning and analysis. There are several types of tax filings companies may have to consider each year.

Large-scale companies often operate across multiple states. Most well-educated business owners research and understand local and state tax laws for their regional areas. However, as an owner, you may not be aware of other states’ intricate tax laws or regions your business operates throughout. Our professional team has years of industry experience, specific to the technology sector and across multiple states. We provide comprehensive technology tax planning services to keep your business fiscally reputable.

The Best Accounting Software for Tech
Startups vs Enterprises

In the technology industry, software integration is a crucial cornerstone of success. However, with dozens of software options available, it can be hard to determine the best choice. Our team has years of experience selecting the best accounting software for tech startups, SMBs and enterprises. The software we recommend would be based on your unique setup and the platforms you’re already using.

There are many benefits to choosing the right software for your business and integrating it across all platforms. For instance, many software options automate customer feedback and automatically calculate sales revenue. Other software determines efficiency, click-through rates, and other important metrics.

Talk to us about the best software for your tech company.

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Mindful Growth with Business Advisory

Achieving business goals can only be done when you have a complete understanding of how to optimize every part of your business.

We can help your company get and stay on the right track with business advisory that can extend to running more effective meetings and teaching team members how to track their key processes and fill in weekly scorecards. Our proven process allows for more control and transparency in your business. Costly mistakes can be avoided if team members are clear about what is expected of them.

Furthermore, having an expert’s eye on your company’s data can be the turning point your tech company needs to stay agile in an ever-changing industry. We can spot opportunities and help resolve any business issues.

Revolutionize Your Company's Finances

Our team has experience working in the tech field, and we are confident we can help your company thrive. Schedule a Zoom call with one of our friendly team members and let’s discuss how we can help you!

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