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Fusion CPA is forward-thinking and not your average accounting firm. We strive to be the most effective in our approach to utilizing technology. If not, significant, scalable growth will inevitably be tough to realize. As we are experts in accounting and business management software, helping companies integrate these solutions has been paramount to our success as well as theirs.

You want your clients to choose the right technology company for the job, so why not choose the right accounting team for your technology company?

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The technology and startup scene, in general, is flourishing on the east coast. There has been an explosion of organizations like Tech Village, ATDC, and Southern Web in Atlanta, VentureLab in Chattanooga, Innovation Depot in Birmingham, and Eastern Foundry in Washington DC, to name a few. Atlanta, in particular, is recognized as a hub where entrepreneurs in the technology industry can take advantage of some extremely lucrative opportunities.

Our team of technology firm accountants continues to help startups coming out of these incubators. We’ve also assisted technology companies that have been able to realize funding and growth independently. The thing that we love about working with companies in the technology space is that we can truly utilize all of our team’s skills in an extremely efficient manner.

Each client we work with has unique needs, including individual markers for overall success. Once we have worked with business owners to determine these markers, we develop scorecards or KPIs like these IT Department KPI Examples to help them gain insight into all levels of their business’s functioning. Additionally, it provides insight into the critical areas that need improvement.

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Business owners who fail to plan for proper, on-time tax payments may find themselves over- or under-paying. Initially, business owners may not find this problematic. However, as time goes on, it can create problems in your technology business’s long-term success. Underpayment, for instance, may result in companies shutting down or facing tax evasion lawsuits. Technology tax planning services help prevent issues like this from occurring.

Another concern many business owners have regarding tax preparation for their technology company involves the complexity of many tax filing situations. For most businesses, submitting an accurate tax return form requires year-round planning and analysis. There are several types of tax filings companies may have to consider each year.

Large-scale companies often operate across multiple states. Most well-educated business owners research and understand local and state tax laws for their regional areas. However, as an owner, you may not be aware of other states’ intricate tax laws or regions your business operates throughout. Our professional team has years of industry experience, specific to the technology sector and across multiple states. We provide comprehensive technology tax planning services to keep your business fiscally reputable.

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Getting the right CPA for your accounting as a tech industry provider is essential. Accounting services offer long-term projections for success and real-time analysis of profit. The process of analyzing income, profits, and sales help businesses better plan for their overall success. Ultimately, doing so is highly beneficial in ensuring companies are on track to meet quarterly and annual financial goals.

Accountants that caters to the tech industry can also ensure businesses maintain expected inventory levels regularly for tech businesses offering products and installation services. Inventory, invoicing and appointment management services provide customers and clients with top-level service that can be difficult for owners to maintain independently.

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In the technology industry, software integration is a crucial cornerstone of success. However, with dozens of software options available, it can be hard to determine the best choice. Our team has years of experience in financial management and business planning.

There are many benefits to choosing the right software for your business and integrating it across all platforms. For instance, many software options automate customer feedback and automatically calculate sales revenue. Other software determines efficiency, click-through rates, and other important metrics.

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