How Our Expertise Unlocks Your Potential

NetSuite offers several tailored solutions to suit business needs, but how do you know which one is right for you? Our NetSuite-certified CPAs are here to guide you. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we ensure that your software is set up to meet your goals and drive growth.

Outsourced Controller Services to Solve Your Problems

We work hand-in-hand with your existing internal controller to manage your NetSuite systems. This gives you access to a collaborative ecosystem that supports the evolution of your financial processes. 

Our Team's Expertise Empowers Your Business

  • Data migration. Our NetSuite CPAs can help you migrate your trial balance or general ledger, vendor and customer information, open transactions, as well as partial or full sales and purchase orders, invoices, and bills
  • Accounting clean-ups and maintenance. We review current and historical financial information to ensure consistency throughout.
  • Chart of Accounts. Our team can help you set this up to conform to best practices.
  • Data review. We help you transform your data into meaningful financial and management reports.

Our services are tailored to your specific business goals. Reach out to find out how we can change your financial future.

Why choose Fusion CPA?

We specialize in helping companies optimize NetSuite – whether they have been using it for a while or are looking to migrate. Whether it’s a quick consultation or a longer-term project, we can assist you with: 

  1. Ongoing NetSuite accounting and support
  2. Capacity and skills training
  3. Integration support
  4. Go-Live assistance and data migration
  5. Custom reporting dashboard setup and support

We’re committed to guiding your business to the next level. With us, you can expect:

Want to discuss how we can help you?

Tailored Pricing Plans to Match Your Business

Since I’ve been with Fusion, they have provided with me a solid business plan to continue my growth, both horizontally and vertically. They implement streamline review, critique, and implementation, that allows for any and all companies to assess their worth and, in turn, allocate the best resources to turn maximum profit. In short, Fusion CPA will take your company from tier-1 to top-level with their expertise, top-notch advice, and excellent implementation.
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NetSuite Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about NetSuite? We’ll answer them below. 

NetSuite offers a comprehensive set of software products designed to streamline various aspects of your business operations. This includes financial management, customer relationship management, e-commerce functionality, and more.

NetSuite modules are additional functions purchased with the standard software offering, which integrate with your accounting system as your business needs change and expand. They offer a more tailored solution that aligns with your unique business goals. 

NetSuite is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that also has Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities. It offers a holistic solution for managing various aspects of your business, all in one place.

A NetSuite developer is an expert who specializes in customizing and extending the functionality of the platform to meet your needs. They create tailored solutions and integrations that align with your business processes. Our CPAs have built bespoke NetSuite integrations for several clients. 

Contact us for the perfect integration solution for your business.

A NetSuite sandbox is a safe and isolated testing environment that allows you to experiment with and develop new configurations, scripts, and customizations, without affecting your actual software. It’s an essential tool for ensuring that any changes to the system work as they should, before you implement them.

Yes, NetSuite can handle payroll through its SuitePeople module. SuitePeople connects your HR and payroll data with your financial, budgeting, and procurement processes. This offers human resource and employee management without the need for multiple systems.

A Chart of Accounts (COA) is a breakdown of all accounts and transactions in your general ledger, which is organized into subcategories. It provides a comprehensive overview of your organization’s financial structure and account classifications. It is accessed within the ‘Financials’ module. 

Here’s how to find it:

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Accounts.
  2. Follow the detailed instructions as outlined in the NetSuite Help Centre.

An invoice is a record of sale to a customer. 

Here’s how to create one:

  1. Go to Billing > Sales > Create Invoices.
  2. Fill out the custom required fields, as outlined in the NetSuite Help Centre.

Alternatively, one of our experts can guide you through the process.

An amortization template defines the terms for an amortization schedule when an item is purchased. Creating the schedule requires NetSuite’s financial management tools. 

Here’s how to create a schedule:

  1. Go to Lists > Accounting > Amortization Templates > New.
  2. Fill out the custom required fields, as outlined in the NetSuite Help Centre.

Note that we can also assist you to set up and manage amortization schedules effectively.

QuickBooks is generally preferred by small businesses. NetSuite is a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes, with advanced functionality, scalability, and flexibility. As such, NetSuite typically offers greater longevity, with added modules as your business expands.

Ultimately, choosing between the two depends largely on your business needs and plans for growth and scalability. 

NetSuite and SAP both have widely used mid-market ERP systems. While NetSuite offers a single cloud-based ERP product, SAP has three distinct systems for small and mid-market companies.

NetSuite is a business management system with a variety of modules that help medium- to large-sized businesses manage their financials and operations, and increase automation across the business. This means that NetSuite is the ideal solution for agility, customizability and scalability.

Oracle and NetSuite are related. Oracle acquired NetSuite in 2016, but NetSuite operates as an independent global business unit under Oracle. 

NetSuite OneWorld enables companies to manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities, whether domestic or international, from a single solution. The software provides real-time financial and operational visibility and control at local, regional, and headquarter levels.

NetSuite OpenAir is a project management module designed for service-based businesses. It empowers these companies with tools to effectively manage projects, resources, time, expenses and financials from a single platform.

NetSuite offers numerous benefits. The cloud-based architecture allows accessibility from anywhere, real-time visibility of financial data, streamlined processes, improved decision-making with actionable insights, increased collaboration, and adaptability. 


For this reason, the software eliminates the need for disparate systems and manual processes.

NetSuite’s wide range of features, scalability, and adaptability make it a valuable investment for businesses looking to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.


The software’s pricing management allows you to centrally control and update the pricing options according to your needs and budget.


Play Video about NetSuite_Software_Solutions_Pain points, usage, and advantages
Play Video about NetSuite_Software_Solutions_Pain points, usage, and advantages

With the correct setup, NetSuite provides real-time visibility of your company’s financial performance and functioning. This accurate data allows you to solve issues standing in the way of your company’s growth.

To experience the benefit of a partnership with a NetSuite-certified expert, schedule a Discovery Call today.

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We analyze your accounting to see where you can save with strategic tax planning. We don’t just put out the fire, but also streamline your tax deductions.

We’ve had great success with the business management system, and we love providing our clients with CFO advisory to reach their unique goals.