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Considering QuickBooks bookkeeping services?

We help our clients get clear vision into their current financial situation with QuickBooks bookkeeping services. We utilize this customizable platform to help you stabilize your businesses and plan ahead. We’re expert QuickBooks bookkeepers as we’ve been using QuickBooks Online for most of our SMB clients.

If you are a business owner you need your company’s accounting software to be efficient and intuitive. Besides streamlining QuickBooks invoicing, you need to fine tune reporting, do accounts receivable management and get a handle on payroll. This can be overwhelming and our bookkeepers can help.

From setting up your QuickBooks account, to QBO payroll support, to financial planning – our CPAs are also able to assist you with streamlining your business finances.

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Fusion CPA has been a staple for my personal and business tax preparation needs for the past 7 years. They are accurate, efficient, and very responsive to their clients. I can also trust them with my QuickBooks clean up. I’m amazed at how quickly they can organize my bookkeeping. It’s great to know Fusion will take care of my accounting and tax needs so I can focus on the parts of my business that require my expertise. Highly recommend this group! 

Erin Torzewski

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Get Ahead with QuickBooks Online Invoicing for Your SMB

Most of our clients have told our bookkeepers that they struggled to produce, monitor and enforce invoices in the past. Our QBO bookkeeping services helped them implement the software correctly, so invoicing became a lot less complicated.

With one click you can send an invoice by email to the customer and they can click on the payment button in the email to pay directly online. Not only does this dramatically streamline the payment process, but since everything is done through QuickBooks, invoicing errors and omissions are virtually eliminated.

This software is perfect for:

  • SMBs who need basic invoice tracking
  • Sending payment reminders
  • Sending automatic invoices in batches or individually

Is QuickBooks bookkeeping for me?

QuickBooks is for you if you’re a small or medium business (SMB) with basic accounting, payroll and financial management needs. As QuickBooks bookkeepers who help entrepreneurs reach their goals, we will meet you where you are in your business journey.

QuickBooks really is an SMB software and our bookkeepers don’t recommend it for:

  • rapid scaling
  • preparing for a merger or acquisition
  • handling hundreds of invoices per week
  • juggling more than three financial management platforms or apps

If your business is experiencing any of these factors, contact us and our QuickBooks bookkeepers will advise a more suitable solution! They have experience integrating accounting platforms with supporting apps to suit various business needs.

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Getting Started with QuickBooks Bookkeeping Services

Talk to us about implementing QBO.
Our team at Fusion CPA has the experience and specialized skills to offer a full array of financial services. Whenever you need help growing your business — we’ve got your back. 

You can learn more about our services or schedule a complimentary discovery call today!

QuickBooks Bookkeepers Answer Your FAQs

QuickBooks can be categorized into five separate categories. These include Self-Employed, Simple Start, Essentials Plus and Advanced.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

Selecting the appropriate application for your needs mainly depends on the number of users you have and a few extra features. If you’re a sole proprietor, using QuickBooks Self-Employed is probably your best option.

QuickBooks Self-Employed can be best to use if you are a service-based entrepreneur, independent contractor or freelancer. Using this application makes it simpler and more organized to track expenses and income, separate your personal and business transactions and file a Schedule C with the IRS.

QuickBooks Simple Start

Simple Start is the basic level for Online QuickBooks. Tracking income and expenses, invoicing and accepting payments, maximizing tax deductions and running general reports are capabilities you can complete with this version. Using this functionality is essential when examining your balance sheet, profits, losses and expenses.

Capturing and organizing receipts, tracking miles and managing cash flow are other capabilities provided by the Simple Start version. Tracking sales and sales tax can be challenging without the right tools. Online QuickBooks automatically calculates taxes on your invoices, making this task more efficient to complete correctly.

Sending a professional estimate for your services and managing 1099 contractors can also be completed correctly using the Simple Start version.

QuickBooks Essentials

Upgrading to the Essentials version includes Simple Start’s capabilities and gives you the ability to include three users, manage and pay bills, and track time.

QuickBooks Essentials Plus

Using the Essentials Plus version should be done if you want to include up to five users, track inventory or track the profitability of the project you’re operating, all in one specific area. Tracking payroll, expenses and labor costs can all be completed with a bird’s eye view.

QuickBooks Advanced

The Advanced version of Online QuickBooks is intended for businesses with up to 25 users. It also includes the ability to batch invoices and expenses, customize access by role, automate workflows and restore company data. Tracking financial and non-financial KPIs to gain more insight into your performance can be done using this version’s in-depth analysis tools.

Knowing how QBO works should offer you the information needed to see if it’s a worthwhile investment. Maintaining your small or midsize business’s financial records can be done more efficiently by utilizing this popular software application. Offering a significant number of capabilities, such as bill payment, managing income and expenses, report generation, customer invoicing and tax preparation, it can act as an essential tool to help you get your bookkeeping requirements completed more efficiently.

Purchasing the cloud-based service can allow you and your CPA to have access, enabling you to track the flow of income and expenses in and out of your business. Recording and monitoring your operations’ financial progress should make it more effective to manage operations and make essential decisions. The ability to examine your business’s financial status by navigating through organized areas makes it more straightforward to create a tax planning strategy and avoids having to wade through old invoices and receipts manually.

Creating invoices is an essential function offered by QBO. You can create invoices containing your business logo and track the flow of money owed to your business and the money you owe to customers. Examining your business’s health is also available by looking at available reports such as your company’s balance sheet, profit and loss report, and cash flow statement. Customizing the period you’d like to track for gains or losses can be customized to weekly, quarterly or annual time frames.

Separating personal and business expenses and maximizing your Schedule C deductions are easier to complete using this bookkeeping software application. Providing you with quarterly estimated taxes calculated automatically may also make it more efficient to understand the tax figure you’ll need to pay to the IRS.

Yes! Managing your personal finances with QuickBooks is easy and can be kept in the same account but separate from business expenses. Tracking personal items like automobile loan payments or a monthly mortgage expense can allow you to hone in on your cash flow situation. Recurring deposits and payments can even be posted automatically in advance of when they post to your credit card or bank account.

Reconciling your personal accounts can also be completed with QBO, which offers you financial reporting. Examining a profit and loss report and comparing it to prior periods can help identify challenges or concerns with your personal finances.

Running payroll and tracking employee hours can also be completed in QuickBooks. Doing so helps ensure you’ve got data on time and expenses to consider when billing a customer. Paying employees can be done through QuickBooks. You can also pay taxes due for payroll directly from the software application.

Employee Data Reports

Using the employee data reports offered by QBO can also be highly beneficial. They include Payroll Summary, Payroll Detail, Payroll Deductions and Contribution, Employee Detail, Employee Directory and Total Pay. Diving deep into each one offers a plethora of useful statistics. Consider utilizing QuickBooks payroll support with our accountants who can help set up QBO for your business.

Almost any SMB can use QuickBooks and benefit from QuickBooks bookkeeping services. Completing your bookkeeping tasks accurately and efficiently is a task required by any business or sole proprietor. Using QuickBooks offers the ability to get this job done effectively. Whether you’re an SMB, self-employed individual or partnership, you can use QuickBooks to ensure your business and even personal finances function efficiently.

Managing your accounting, paying bills, accepting payments, administering payroll, recording assets and keeping on top of inventory in QuickBooks is easy with the assistance of a first-class accountant from Fusion CPA. We can assist in generating and interpreting financial reports, optimize profitability, stay on top of your taxes and even save with our expert tax service

QuickBooks Bookkeeper Case Studies

We have experience integrating QBO in all the industries we regularly serve, plus more niche markets

Improved Accuracy of Records

Dental Clinic, Atlanta, GA

As a dental clinic, our client had problems keeping accurate financial records and this caused significant problems. For example, some months the company wasn’t paying their dental hygienists or vendors on time. A secretary reached out to our QuickBooks bookkeepers at Fusion CPA to help her avoid this embarrassment! She was simply overwhelmed with paperwork. Eventually, creating accounting processes with QBO provided a convenient and fast way to record their business expenses and income. 

Furthermore, after we helped the company set up their QBO account, they could import figures from their business account and edit these to go into specified categories. This made it easy to see the financial health of their practice.

Here are just a few ways our QuickBooks ProAdvisors offered assistance:

  • Reconciling their different business accounts helped save time
  • QuickBooks invoicing and reminders made collecting payments a whole lot easier
  • Paying staff became a breeze as QuickBooks Payroll has a specific category where you can keep track of this sizable monthly expense

Our client noted that QBO has made running a small business much more relaxed and efficient than it was before. Working with QBO keeps their financial records current so they are up-to-date and always prepared for opportunities.

Fusion CPA Case Study Dentist Practise

Customized Reports

Videographer, Brooklyn, NY

As a videographer, our client needed to have customizable reports that could save him time and money. His business needs to offer job costing, so he also wanted a service that automated this as far as possible.

A QuickBooks bookkeeper from Fusion CPA helped him set up a chart of accounts to integrate several different bank accounts to correspond with budget line numbers. This feature helps our client coordinate and track new projects as they are being developed.

Job Costing Features

The QBO Job Costing Module made tax planning easier by streamlining the processes of issue estimates, purchase orders, and use of the standard expense accounts. Now our client can run production costs through QBO job costing, which offers the functionality to set up items according to budget. What’s more, chart of accounts and inventory item management can run more efficiently within a QBO implementation because multiple budgets can be tracked per company file. 

Our accountants recommend utilizing QBO for entering purchase orders before and after production, especially when there is a lot of data to be registered. When each payment is set up on a separate line of the purchase order, it helps our client and his accountant calculate the amounts of paid invoices versus the outstanding payments.

Increased Efficiencies

As our client needed assistance with vendor, crew, and location invoices, QuickBooks became a great asset to him. Furthermore, QuickBooks invoices can be managed in real-time. Now our client can print and post checks simultaneously.

Videographer filming | Accounting Case Study

“Honest, friendly, and highly knowledgeable firm. They are great at focusing on the future and long term planning on top of normal CPA services.”

Nicholas Amato

QuickBooks Pro

Don’t let QuickBooks problems cause you unnecessary stress – rely on Fusion CPA’s QuickBooks bookkeepers for the support you need to keep your business finances running smoothly.

QuickBooks Pro is a widely used accounting software that has become a go-to choice for businesses of all sizes. This software provides an efficient and user-friendly platform for managing business finances, tracking expenses, generating financial reports, and performing various accounting tasks. Whether you are an experienced QuickBooks user or just starting, learning how to best use the software can significantly improve your business’s financial management. We will explore the key features and best practices of QuickBooks Pro to help you maximize its potential for your business. From setting up your company file to generating reports, we will provide practical tips and advice to streamline your accounting tasks and improve your business’s financial performance.

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