eCommerce Accountants

Outsourced CPAs, Tax Accountants, and CFO Advisors

Katherine Harrington, CPA MAFM

Blake Gaul, CPA,

Katherine Harrington, CPA MAFM


eCommerce Accountants

Outsourced CPAs, Tax Accountants, and CFO Advisors

Blake Gaul, CPA, MTax

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Whether you’re running a store, a retail chain, or an eCommerce company, you need sound financial advice to mindfully grow your business. Our team of retail and eCommerce accountants is lead by Blake and Kathe who have 30 years combined experience as online CPAs for retailers. Kathe has a Master of Accounting & Financial Management degree and Blake is a tax accountant extraordinaire.

What makes our team unique is our knowledge of accounting software for online businesses, as well as how these platforms integrate with other popular business management software. Together with our bookkeeping services, this gives you a clear view of your financial data.

Your Fusion CPA bookkeeper can also help you with your taxes. What’s more, we offer online store and retail CFO advisory. 

We cover all the bases when it comes to financial services so our clients never have to worry about admin again. 

Every business takes a unique journey to reach its goals and our eCommerce accountants and finance experts can help your business do just that – grow to become the financial powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of.

Fusion CPA has opened my eyes to the eCommerce marketplace as I am ready to scale my business. They helped me to adopt the Traction framework with my team and I am rapidly expanding from just selling on Etsy into listing on Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and Ebay.  Thanks Trevor and Fusion!

Our eCommerce industry accountants can help with:

  • Retail & eCommerce Accounting: Specialized accounting services tailored to the unique needs of both physical stores and online businesses.
  • Software Integration Expertise: Proficient understanding of accounting software for online businesses and how they integrate with other popular business management tools.
  • Bookkeeping Services: Maintaining accurate financial records to provide a clear view of your business’s financial data.
  • Tax Services & Advice: Assistance with tax preparation, filing, and strategies to minimize liabilities and provide niche tax advice.
  • CFO Advisory for Online Stores & Retailers: Strategic financial consultation to help businesses make informed decisions for growth and sustainability.
  • Expertise in Online Business Platforms: An in-depth understanding of various eCommerce platforms and the financial intricacies associated with each.
  • Continuous Financial Monitoring: Providing businesses with ongoing financial oversight to identify trends, opportunities, and potential challenges.

For thriving businesses, powerful software is essential to handle large-scale transactions. Discover key software features and seamless integration for optimal online store payments, guided by eCommerce experts.

The right software choice streamlines processes—automating client feedback, package tracking, inventory, and invoicing—reducing risks significantly.

In eCommerce and retail, integrated software offers a holistic financial view. Our eCommerce bookkeepers leverage this integration for enhanced service. 

Connect with our CPAs and eCommerce bookkeepers to harness the power of integrated software.


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I reached out to the Fusion team and within about a week they got me onboarded and started managing my company’s books. Now I’m able to spend more time with my family and friends, and not wake up in the middle of the night worrying about whether I categorized last month's expenses correctly or if I filled out the right tax forms. The Fusion CPA team are truly the best.

We pave the way for sustainable growth with our 3 step process

Join our client journey without the commitment of an in-house accountant, tax or finance team!

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Bring on an Ecommerce Tax CPA?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, you generally want to be making enough money that warrants investing in an accountant. A good time to consider making the transition is when your e-commerce business has become your full-time endeavor. If you are making over $30,000 a year in e-commerce sales, you may benefit from the assistance an accountant brings.

Do I Need an E-Commerce Tax Accountant?

It is all about getting someone who understands your business and its pain points. If you have a heart attack, any doctor can help you, but it would be a lot better to have a cardiologist help. The same applies with eCommerce tax accounting. There is nothing wrong with a general accountant, however, e-commerce has a heartbeat of its own. Your eCommerce tax accountant should be able to help you navigate international sales, use cloud-based software and applications, and focus on growing your business.

Improve Your Bottomline with a Dedicated eCommerce Accountant

Proper tax and accounting makes a big difference to your bottom line and your stress levels. Having accurate financial data is key to making smart business decisions.

With an optimized system in place, businesses can keep track of inventory levels and the accompanying cash flow to fund operations at all of their locations.

Your outsourced eCommerce accountant won’t just fill in numbers – we can help you structure your finances to reach your business goals.

When it comes to accounting services, inventory, and POS reconciliations, our eCommerce CPAs help business owners on every level they may need. We can help you track purchasing trends, do financial forecasting and implement controls for inventory levels.

Whether you are a small business or an established company, we apply our experience and resources to help you identify opportunities to achieve your goals like increasing your eCommerce sales. We’re accountants that care about growing businesses!

From creating your business vision and finding the right people, to streamlining processes and achieving effective meetings – building a successful business takes a village and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Blogs for Online Retail Businesses​

Streamlining your bookkeeping for eCommerce needs is just the first step​

Streamlining your bookkeeping for eCommerce needs is just the first step​

Our CEO, Trevor McCandless, expands on what to expect when working with an outsourced eCommerce CPA.

Trevor McCandless, Fusion CEO
Trevor McCandless, Fusion CEO

Our CEO, Trevor McCandless, expands on what to expect when working with an outsourced eCommerce CPA.