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The Best Accounting Software Chosen by Accountants and Tax Professionals


How Our Expertise Unlocks Your Potential

Your accounting software should give you a clear snapshot of your financial health. That way, you can make the best choices, based on recent and relevant data.

But how do you know which software option is right for you? That’s where our team comes in. 

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, Fusion CPA ensures that your chosen platform is set up to meet your goals and drive growth. From analyzing your current situation, to maintaining your chosen software, we’re here to help.  

Software Solutions for Your Problems

Our Team's Expertise Empowers Your Business

  • E-commerce integration services
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable integration
  • Payroll platform management
  • Tax software solutions
  • Analytics and automation services
  • Project management software integration
  • Communication tools implementation
  • Lease accounting software implementation
  • Troubleshooting when migrating to a new platform 
  • Period-end close processing
  • Fixed asset management
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Accounts payable services
  • Accounts receivable services
  • Cash flow and budget management
  • Automation of expense tracking services
  • Financial reporting

Why choose Fusion CPA?

We specialize in helping companies optimize their accounting software – whether they have been using it for a while or are looking to migrate. We can assist you with: 

  • Ongoing accounting and support
  • Capacity and skills training
  • Integration support
  • Go-Live assistance and data migration
  • Custom reporting dashboard setup and support

We’re committed to guiding your business to the next level.

Fusion CPA’s recommended software solutions

  • Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs)
  • Can connect seamlessly with other apps for streamlined financial management
  • Perfect for enterprises of SMBs looking to scale 
  • Options include ERP, CRM, Professional Services Automation (PSA), eCommerce (inventory etc.) and HR management
  • Perfect for small businesses and can be customized
  • With over 1000 apps, it has the most integration possibilities
  • Simplifies expense tracking and enforces expense policies
  • Automates integration with accounting software
  • Currency conversions, inter-entity transactions and local tax reporting
  • Reporting and analysis across multiple business entities
  • The best accounting software for SMBs with basic accounting needs
  • Not ideal if you want to scale
  • Perfect for small and mid-sized businesses
  • Simplifies, digitizes and automates back-office financial processes
  • Ideal for businesses of any size
  • Provides access to online global payments and pricing in over 110 countries
  • Purpose-built payables automation solution for every stage of business
  • Finance automation to adapt to any changes that come your way
  • A B2B payment network that can transform your AR automation
  • Offers ERP integrations to streamline your financial management
Payroll ADP-Fusion-CPA-Partners
  • Fast, accurate and effortless payroll for companies of all sizes and complexities
  • Provides businesses with data-driven advice and tech-forward solutions
  • Purpose-built payables automation solution for every stage of business
  • Finance automation to adapt to any changes that come your way
  • Ideal for domestic or worldwide workforces
  • Custom-built global hiring, HR, and payroll in a single system for effortless and compliant team management
  • Perfect for companies of all sizes and stages 
  • Combines corporate cards with best-in-class finance operations software to modernize financial management
  • Online banking and money management for all business 
  • Allocate income and consolidate payments for up to 20 accounts
  • Ideal for domestic or worldwide workforces
  • Custom-built global hiring, HR, and payroll in a single system for effortless and compliant team management
  • Visualizes, tracks and automates inventory management for e-commerce businesses of all sizes
  • Offers out-of-the-box and custom configurations

Since I’ve been with Fusion, they have provided with me a solid business plan to continue my growth, both horizontally and vertically. They implement streamline review, critique, and implementation, that allows for any and all companies to assess their worth and, in turn, allocate the best resources to turn maximum profit. In short, Fusion CPA will take your company from tier-1 to top-level with their expertise, top-notch advice, and excellent implementation.

How We Achieve Seamless Software Integration

Our 4-step process ensures a smooth transition to the best accounting software for your company. We not only optimize your new platform, but provide training for your team to ensure you maximize its capabilities.

Tell us about your current situation, needs, and challenges. Each business is unique, and with a clear idea of your current setup, we’ll know how to assist you.

We’re also here to help you scale, so we take your future plans into consideration.

We’ll go over your data to see what can be improved. By using cloud-based software, we’ll get you a clear picture of your finances at any point in time, no matter your location.

Let us plan and execute your software integration according to your needs and timescale.

Our goal is always seamless integration, and that includes employee training and support. 

We offer extensive knowledge to help you maintain the highest level of financial management. 

Alternatively, we can step in and partner with you to take over certain roles.

Our CPAs are just a phone call away when you need to outsource tax planning, bookkeeping, or business advisory.

We pave the way for sustainable growth with our 3 step process

Join our client journey without the commitment of an in-house accountant, tax or finance team!

Our team will address any accounting clean-up tasks that need to be executed and analyze your accounting ecosystem for optimization opportunities and to stabilize your business.

We analyze your accounting to see where you can save with strategic tax planning. We don’t just put out the fire, but also streamline your tax deductions.

We’ve had great success with the business management system, and we love providing our clients with CFO advisory to reach their unique goals.