QuickBooks Integrations Every Controller Should Know About


Controllers play a crucial role in ensuring the financial compliance of businesses, and work at providing senior management with key insights in terms of business budgeting, forecasting and risk analysis. To minimize the risk of errors when it comes to preparing financials, controllers implement various automation technologies and accounting software to perform accounting and bookkeeping functions that make records more reliable and save time.

Software integrations that make accounting processes more efficient

QuickBooks is an accounting software typically used by small and medium businesses. While the software can perform a number of accounting functions to manage the finances of your business, integrating QuickBooks with other software can offer businesses a more efficient experience, especially when it comes to keeping a handle on some of the tedious tasks that come with recordkeeping. Implementing expense management software that can be integrated with QuickBooks for example, will aid your business to manage expenses more seamlessly. This, along with other software integrations can give you better financial visibility while reducing the risk of errors and saving your business time.

Salesforce: This client relationship management software helps businesses better handle sales and marketing. Having Salesforce integrates with QuickBooks allows for financial reports to be updated as sales happen, which reduces the risk that comes with manual entries.

Shopify: If your business uses Shopify to sell products online, integrating it with QuickBooks can provide a more efficient and streamlined experience as the integration not only aids accurate inventory tracking and reporting, but also simplifies the tax preparation process. Shopify automatically generates tax liability reports which can be cross-checked with your accounting software with the right integration.

Expensify: Expensify and QuickBooks integrations work to simplify accounting processes as it automates income and expense data to your financial records via the integration. This allows for your financial reporting to be updated as transactions take place within your business. The integration also records in-app expense tracking activities like mileage tracking, credit card transactions, and more.

PayPal and Stripe: If your business accepts online payments then doing a PayPal or Stripe integration with QuickBooks will automatically record and categorize transactions in your ledger, aid you to manage your cash flow more effectively and implement a system to avoid bad debts.

TSheets: TSheets is a time-tracking software designed to help businesses manage their workforce more efficiently. It integrates with QuickBooks to help track employee time, payroll and employee-related taxes more efficiently.

Why software integrations are key to the financial well-being of your business

  • Accuracy: Software integrations ensure accurate data capturing which significantly impacts financial reporting within your business. This not only encourages accurate records upon which business leaders can make decisions but also ensures accurate tax submissions to the IRS.
  • Time-saving: Manual entries are not only tedious but can place your business at risk of human errors that can have a ripple effect on financial reporting within your business. Software integrations save you time and minimize the risk of errors.
  • Efficiency: Automating data entries helps to free up time for management to focus on operations and implement processes to encourage business growth. With certain integrations, you may also need smaller accounting teams.
  • Compliance: Because software integration reduces manual errors, it also encourages accurate and compliant tax submissions. 
  • Scalability: If taking your business to the next level is a priority, then the combined information between your coordinating software can enable you to make informed decisions to grow your business.

At Fusion CPA, our experts strive to help businesses remain compliant in managing their financial records. We understand that software not only streamlines processes but also aids in more accurate tax planning for your business. We provide a free accounting diagnostic assessment of your business and help with software integrations that can benefit your business. Schedule a discovery call to learn more about QuickBooks, Shopify, Expensify, and other integrations that may benefit your business.

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