5 Signs that You Have Outgrown QuickBooks Online

Quickbooks Online for accountants

If you are a business owner or launching a startup of your own, you may be using QuickBooks Online – Intuit’s solution suitable for small businesses to track and manage your expenses. However, it’s important to see the signs that you have outgrown QuickBooks as it can become costly using suboptimal software for your unique needs.


1. Your Business is Scaling Rapidly

If you are currently in the process of scaling and expanding your business or if it is simply growing at an unexpected rate, you may have outgrown the need for QuickBooks Online. As your business continues to scale and you begin taking on additional clients and customers, the overall amount of revenue you are generating and managing will also skyrocket. Dealing with an influx of new clients and sales can leave you feeling greatly overwhelmed and bogged down, which is why it may be time to look elsewhere for assistance from professionals with your company’s accounting.

We help companies like yours, who are experiencing growing pains, and need to ramp up their software and financial expertise – and fast!

2. You Are Seeking an Improved Work/Life Balance

Over time, you will likely discover that managing the finances and accounting of your business can quickly become time-consuming and extremely tedious. If you are searching for a better and improved work/life balance, seeking the help of a team of CPAs who specialize in business finances is highly advisable.

3. You Are Regularly Paying Fees and Penalties

If you notice that you are regularly paying fees and penalties due to improper or inaccurate accounting, it might be time to consider that you have outgrown the use of QuickBooks Online Intuit. When you are paying excessive fees and penalties, you are ultimately wasting funds that may be better spent on professional help. Not only will you eliminate and minimize fees or penalties when working with professional bookkeepers, but you will also free up more of your own time to focus on other aspects of expanding your business.

4. You Want to Improve the Accuracy of Your Finances

If you are not well-versed and trained in accounting, you may find it increasingly difficult and challenging to ensure total accuracy with your company’s finances. Managing invoices, expenses, payroll, taxes, and fees often turns into a full-time job for those running growing businesses.

You can improve the overall accuracy of your accounting as well as your financial management and taxes altogether by hiring professional bookkeepers to take on the role.

5. You Have Been Approved for Financing

Any time an entrepreneur or business owner is approved for financing for their venture, it is highly advisable to consider hiring a professional bookkeeping service. Individuals who are often required to pay fees or penalties related to their accounting may find it more difficult to secure funding and financing approval in the future.

While using Quickbooks Online often comes in handy for new business owners as well as independent entrepreneurs, it can quickly become time-consuming and tedious for those who are rapidly scaling their ventures or looking to expand. For help with scaling your business without becoming overwhelmed with finances and invoice-tracking, consider Fusion CPA.

With Fusion CPA, gain peace of mind knowing that your accounting is in the right hands at all times. Talk to us about freeing up some of your time spent on financial matters.

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