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Work with a Healthcare CPA who can help grow your business with specialized tax planning and accounting for medical practices

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Susan Borkowski,

Katherine is very instrumental to the Fusion CPA team. Katherine focuses on bookkeeping and tax planning for a plethora of industries. Katherine has a particular dexterity for the Dental industry.

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How We Optimize Healthcare Businesses

When you’re running a business and trying to juggle all the ins and outs of accounting for medical practices it can be overwhelming and leave money on the table. With our best-in-class healthcare accounting, you’ll have peace of mind that your company is using its cash flow wisely and making the most of financial opportunities. 

Our healthcare CPA team can help your business succeed by: 

  • Stabilizing your accounting for reliable data when you need to make business decisions
  • Integrating or optimizing the latest medical accounting software for your company’s needs
  • Analyzing your books for tax deductions and tax credits 
  • Offering CFO advisory when you need to raise capital, get an investment strategy, or execute risk management

We want to help you grow your healthcare practice. As your practice expands, you shouldn’t be caught off guard by tax and accounting inefficiencies. When you make use of our outsourced healthcare financial services, you will have an expert guiding you and doing the work that you probably don’t love!

You need an experienced healthcare accountant who can respond to your needs quickly. Read on to learn more about our team and their expertise. If you’re ready to optimize or grow your business, we’re interested in hearing from you!


As a financial advisor, I have referred clients to Fusion CPA / Trevor knowing they are working with a team that is competent, knowledgeable and detail-oriented. I love that they operate from a consultative approach taking the client’s whole business picture into account and not just focusing on a one-time tax return.

Angela M.

Healthcare Accounting Software Integration Experts

The bigger your healthcare organization is, the more comprehensive your software needs to be to handle the scale of your transactions. We will work with you to help you find one that reduces your risk by automating processes such as inventory management, accounts receivable, and vendor management.

Our software integration methods take your current financial situation and future goals into consideration. Any business can benefit from cloud accounting software as it gives your team an up-to-date view of the health of the business. In healthcare, accurate accounting data is paramount to your success as it prevents costly errors and our accountants can use the data to determine where you can focus your spending.

Our healthcare CPAs are passionate about technology and we can help you choose, integrate and optimize the best solutions for your needs. We’ve helped companies integrate KPIs and process tracking tools to help them get clarity on the detail in their company and to ensure that all team members are clear on what they need to do to reach their goals.

Software Healthcare Accountants Recommend

Fusion CPA are knowledgeable of cutting-edge accounting tech!! I highly recommend their services
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Chris Counsel
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Get Healthcare Financial Services

Let’s transform your business with our healthcare financial services. Utilizing a professional CPA’s medical accounting knowledge and experience can help ensure your business has your accounting needs met correctly and successfully. Access to dedicated healthcare CPAs, who understand the medical industry’s ins and outs, can help create a highly tailored answer to your accounting requirements.

We Specialize in Healthcare Accounting For These Sectors

Comprehensive Healthcare Accounting You Can Trust

You’ll know you have one or more first-class healthcare accountants doing all they can to save your business money and stay compliant. Using our three phases for business optimization should be all you need to grow the most profits possible in your chosen healthcare space.

Our accounting for medical practices include:

  • Medical practice agile financial planning with budgeting, forecasting, and performance review
  • Customized monthly, quarterly, or annual financial reports
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow analysis
  • Strategic quarterly and annual tax planning to minimize tax liabilities for medical practice owners and investors
  • Succession and ownership transfer planning for owners, managers, and associates of healthcare practices
  • Any other accounting services you need

We can do an expert revenue analysis to identify revenue leaks. Revenue cycle management includes:

  • Billing
  • Payment processing
  • Aged accounts receivable collections
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Ancillary income development

A Solid Solution for Medical Company Tax Requirements

Our healthcare CPAs will look for ways to utilize our tax planning techniques and systems to help save you as much money as possible when you’re determining your yearly tax bill. We will pour over your company’s numbers to minimize income and franchise taxes, prepare all of your tax returns, and plan for your growth through entity analysis and forecasting.

Increase profits and personal wealth

Getting professional help from a responsive tax advisor could make a world of difference in the amount you pay to the government.

How our healthcare financial services can help you

Fusion CPAWe have worked with several practices to improve their current financial situation and implement new strategies to achieve increased profits and growth. We want to do the same for you. 

Reach your goals

We can support your operational, investment, and financial goals. We will work with you or your team to understand the ins and outs of your business. We have our finger on the pulse of healthcare industry developments and can provide recommendations to keep your organization healthy.

Raise capital

We can advise you when your organization needs access to capital. Having adequate liquidity puts your business in a position for sustained success, and access to liquidity minimizes the impact of fluctuating interest rates. Our healthcare finance services can provide you with expert advice on debt capital markets, loan syndications, foreign exchange, and derivatives.

Improve access to credit

Your healthcare business needs credit to meet goals and cover operating expenses. Medical equipment, IT, inventory, vendor payments, maintenance, and mergers and acquisitions all require some level of credit. Working with our team can help you improve access to credit.

Invest with confidence

Our healthcare finance services can help you reach short-term and long-term investment goals. Our advice can help you to gain confidence regardless of the market conditions. The solutions we offer show you how to balance risk and return while investing with confidence.

We provide specialized healthcare accounting and financial services, which means less stress and more business opportunities for you.


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