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We offer bookkeeping


Outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, and cash flow management are rarely cookie-cutter. Entrepreneurs balance expansion, revenue, employee recruitment, payroll, invoicing, compliance, and the list goes on. Let our team manage these tasks to not only save you money, but also free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

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Software integration

Software Integration

Our team of finance experts can help your choose the right software for your company's unique needs. To make data-driven decisions, you need software that gives you a clear snapshot of your organization’s financial health. Talk to us about how intuitive software, optimized by our experts, can make a difference in your organization.

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Fusion CPA does taxes


March 15, April 15, September 15, October 15 - you know the dates. Let our team of Atlanta CPAs take the stress out of tax deadlines and put our experience to work in all aspects of your business. Don’t just put out the fire, but also streamline your tax deductions with proper tax planning. No more nasty surprises!

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CFO Advisory

Business Advisory

We provide Outsourced CFO services to growth-focused entrepreneurs and companies. We help you realize your goals by implementing very practical measures to optimize operations, finance, sales and marketing teams. Our process gets measurable results so you know what to expect from your teams.

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Atlanta's Top CPAs

Trevor McCandless, CPA, MTax

Trevor McCandless, CPA, MTax

Trevor is our CEO and Visionary. His tax expertise include professional services (Law Firms, Dental offices, Advertising Agencies, etc.), Multi-Location Retail, Real Estate, and IT.

Steven Sumners, CPA, MAcc

Steven Sumners, CPA, MAcc

Steven has been with Fusion CPA for a long time and specializes in Law Firms, Advertising, and Marketing Agencies. He enjoys being a proactive adviser to clients.

Katherine Harrington

Katherine Harrington, CPA, MAFM

Katherine focuses on bookkeeping and tax planning for a plethora of industries and has a particular dexterity for the Dental industry. She finds it rewarding when clients reach their financial goals.

Petra Assimiti, CPA, MBA

Petra Assimiti, CPA, MBA

Petra is a tax and accounting manager, specializing in IT, Dental, Law and eCommerce. Her hobbies include skiing, hiking, and photography. She is from Prague.

Mei Zhu - Fusion CPA.jpg

Mei Zhu, CPA, MAcc

Mei enjoys helping clients make sense of US tax law. Her expertise cover many industries, including Legal, Medical, and Marketing. Her hometown is Liaoning, China.

Danielle Palmer

Danielle Palmer, BBA

As Integrator, Danielle keeps things together. She's also the partner integrations expert.

Strategic Insights and Resources

From the front lines of financial optimization

We want to share what we know in order to help the industries we serve. We've been helping entrepreneurs for the last ten years and pride ourselves in being thought leaders.

Corporate Tax Filing Deadline 2021.jpg

It's that time of the year again where businesses are preparing their end-of-year tax. Corporate income tax is the third largest source of revenue for the federal government. While the amount collected for corporate income tax pales when compared to individual income tax or payroll tax, it still accounts for 1.1 percent of the US GDP.

C-corporations are taxed at a rate of 21 percent by the United States government. In 2019, corporate...

How  COVID-19 Affected Business Acquisitions

COVID-19 affected business acquisitions - let's find out how. When discussing how the coronavirus impacts businesses, people think in somewhat basic terms. They assume the pandemic forces some companies to close or hurts revenues with others. The effects prove more far-reaching. Such effects become visible when looking at how the outbreak affects mergers and acquisitions.

Mergers and acquisitions remain a vital part of...

Copy of Businesses familiar with the theory of leadership in transformation tend to perform better when there are disruptions.jpg

During the beginning of 2020, your business may have been following a strategic plan based on the previous year's data and assistance from your finance consultants. Looking at the information related to sales and profits likely offered a greater understanding of the elements driving your revenues. While this can help an economic environment without any major disruptions, your strategies may not have been suited to a world facing a highly...

Working with NetSuite Accounting Support Specialists.jpg

Incorporating NetSuite into your business provides flexibility, workflow automation, and the ability to scale. However, utilizing this agile enterprise software solution to its full potential may require assistance from an experienced NetSuite software integration expert.

Niche Markets

Most marketers strive to cast a wide net. They want to reach as many customers as possible. However, if you are a marketer targeting a niche industry, your target market is relatively small. From a marketing standpoint, it might feel like targeting a niche market puts you at a disadvantage.

However, there are several advantages to targeting a niche market. Much of your success will depend on your ability to create a niche market...

providing view only access for business accounts.jpg

Accountants and bookkeepers are responsible for recording, organizing, and analyzing your business transactions. Among these transactions, your dealings with banking institutions may be the most common one. Most accounting institutions recommend that businesses pay invoices and receive payments directly through their banks. Hence, for small business bookkeepers, your banking statement is one of the easiest ways they can gather information...


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