Not an Old Fogey CPA Firm

Fusion CPA has been making US businesses better since 2011

We're challenging what it means to be an outsourced CPA and tax accountant as modern businesses need their financial teams to do more than just bookkeeping

What Makes Fusion CPA Different?

Our team assists companies all over the US with tax accounting and CFO business advisory. Our CPA firm prides itself on being paperless, with headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico and an office in Atlanta, GA. We believe digital workspaces are ideal for us as they allow our team to connect with clients wherever they may be.

People often have this idea that accountants are boring and only care about numbers, but Fusion CPA takes a holistic approach to financial planning. We see ourselves as financial integrators who can see the bigger picture to help you reach your business goals. Often, our clients are so wrapped up in their business and responsibilities that they don’t see the opportunities.
Having an outsider’s perspective makes a huge difference for our clients. They’re often blown away by how much time they save after we reshaped their bookkeeping. Or, when it comes to their taxes, how much money they were leaving on the table each year!

We're All About Mindful Growth

Once we have a clear picture of your financial health we can guide you through growing your business with business advisory.

Our CPA firm is powered by the Entrepreneurial Operating System® to encourage focus, discipline, and accountability in our team. We use this ideology to improve our clients’ businesses by empowering them with efficient processes and strategies for success.

We're a Driving Force for Change

We’re always trying to improve our clients’ financial position as that is what makes our work rewarding. Crunching numbers and pouring over messed-up spreadsheets can be tedious – we won’t lie – but when we see our clients benefit from our work it makes it all worth it.

Our approach to accounting is staying agile – and a big part of that is listening to what you want. Most businesses need their accounting processes streamlined so they can use accounting software efficiently. We dig deep to understand what a business needs from their CPA firm and how we can integrate our team’s expertise to really serve their needs.

At Fusion CPA we value each and every client and ensure that our work is of the best quality. We believe in having a healthy work environment as this only contributes to the quality of our services.

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About the CEO and Founder

Trevor McCandless founded Fusion CPA in 2011 when he wanted to take his career as a tax accountant to the next level. Running his own business means that he understands what entrepreneurs experience on a daily basis. He uses his interest in business growth strategies to advise businesses from our office in San Juan, PR.  He also likes to work remotely from his cabin (in Atlanta). He’s always looking for new talent to add to the team and believes that diversity makes us stronger. After all, if you want to stay agile as a CPA firm, you need different perspectives from your team members.

He doesn’t believe that accountants should spend crazy hours working during tax season and challenges the idea that you can do good work when you’re behind your computer 90 hours per week. He finds that this approach leads to greater efficiency – and definitely accuracy, which is really important for a CPA! To relax, he likes to fish. He has a wife, Alexandra, and a Shih-Poo, Bernie. 

Trevor McCandless, Fusion CEO

We've Come A Long Way Since 2011

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If we sound like a good fit for your business, why not make a discovery call today?