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Springboard Retail: QuickBooks Integration Retail Accounting

Technology has drastically changed the way that you can track the financials of your retail business and work. Springboard Retail is a software program that gives you control over the data and numbers that flow through your company. You can quickly analyze sales, expenses, different locations, and a number of other important factors that are involved with everyday operations.

With the Springboard and QuickBooks Online integration, our ecommerce accountants can take the data that's organized in Springboard Retail and easily make it available to you. This frees up time for you and allows our CPAs to reconcile your books and help your business prepare for tax season.

Springboard Retail Provides Organization & Easy Integration

If you're running one or more retail stores, you know how important it is to keep a watchful eye on your financials. Springboard Retail provides a thorough and expedient way to do this. It categorizes your inventory, which as you know is your biggest expense. You can keep track of overdue purchase orders or orders that need to be invoiced. It also lets you observe employee commissions or your net sales per hour, and you can easily sync all of your data with the QuickBooks Online integration.

Bookkeeping & Tax Planning

While Springboard Retail allows you to quickly get a feel for your retail numbers and operations, you'll still be required to reconcile your data and make sure that it's accurate. Utilizing the QuickBooks Online integration supplies you with this capability. It also allows our Atlanta bookkeeping experts to determine how healthy the cash flow is for your business. By breaking down the numbers and conducting analysis, we can help you discover any challenges with your compliance, invoicing, employees or expenses.

Business Advisory Services

To take advantage of every opportunity, it will help your business to go through an unbiased financial analysis. We have CFO advisory services available that can assist you with the management and growth of your company. We provide detailed reports of your accounting and financials, help with contract negotiation and consulting. This allows you to take complete control over all facets of your retail operations. If you'd like help with your future financial planning and recordkeeping, our knowledgeable CPAs are ready to assist you. Contact us today to get started.


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