QuickBooks Online Form Design Changes

QBO Form Design Changes rolled out

QuickBooks online is an ever evolving program. Along with the ease of access that a cloud based service allows, one of the largest advantages to using QBO is that the software is constantly updated.

One such update that has just been rolled out is in the layout for invoices, estimates and sales templates.

While you will not notice the difference in the design if you just log in and create an invoice, your customer will be seeing things a little differently.

Along with the redesign of the form itself, you can now

· Use different templates

· Resize the columns

· Enlarge the company logo

· Receive invoice signatures

· Save multiple designs for each type of form

While none of these changes effect the functionality of the program, users now have the ability to customize and differentiate the look of their correspondence with their customers.

All of this is found by clicking the gear in the upper right corner and going to “Custom Form Styles”

Intuit Quickbooks has also posted a very helpful video giving a quick run-through of the procedures.


If you need any assistance with the mechanics of the using and creating the new form designs, give us a call and we will be happy to take a look at what you have.


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