MyCase Law Firm Quickbooks Integration

It takes a lot to run a successful law firm. It's important to use the latest software and business practices to make everything run smoothly. One of the main tools your firm needs is MyCase. Not only can this help you run your firm, but it can help our Atlanta law firm accountants manage the financial health of your law firm much more easily. When your job is easier, ours is too.

But what is so special about MyCase and why do you need it?

Manage Your Firm

Whether you need help managing the calendars of several partners, their cases, the documents for those cases, as well as the firm's vacation calendar, it can get a bit daunting. It might even be near impossible. However, MyCase has an integrated calendaring program that allows you to see everything you need in one convenient place.

Just as easily as it helps manage your calendars, it also takes care of managing documents. Whether you need to keep track of which documents you need for the next hearing or you are receiving important and highly relevant correspondence from your paralegals, it is important to know where things are. With a document management tool such as MyCase, you can find everything you need, no matter the case or client, all in one place.

Running reports used to take hours as attorneys, executive assistants, as well as paralegals all worked together to combine the information needed only for it to be outdated once the report was completed. MyCase makes reporting easier with all the information you need housed in one place. You can even automate your regular reporting, as well as other tasks, to make winning those cases and running your firm as uncomplicated as it can get.

Your Firm – Secure

Everything you do within MyCase is safe thanks to the bank-grade security system built into every account. Whether you are utilizing the cloud-based financial software integration and sharing information with our law firm CPAs or you are sending a task list to the receptionist, everything is encrypted with security you can put your trust in.

Simplify Your Accounting

While you are using MyCase to manage your clients and cases, we can also use it to streamline your accounting with their seamless Quickbooks online integration. As your Atlanta law firm accountants, we can use this integration to manage your firm's financial information without lengthy meetings, boxes of invoices, or unreliable accounting programs. We are able to assist your firm with conducting the MyCase and Quickbooks online integration.

It helps to have everything in one place when there are employees, cases, clients, motions, settlements and more to manage. Now, with MyCase, you can allow fusion CPA to manage the financial health of your firm within the same could-based software you are already using for everything else.


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