The Software as a Service (SaaS) based Function Point (FP) project management, time tracking, CRM and accounting program offers a faster way to track, modify and manage financials. Function Point gives our knowledgeable Atlanta accountants, the powerful tools they need to find, compare and report financial statistics. The Function Point software concentrated powerful accounting functionality in one simple software program.

Consolidate Accounting Tools

We provide many accounting services to our clients, including assessments of their finances. The Function Point platform gives you the capability to view invoices and expenses in one simple software program. Function Point divides its functions into Companies, Contacts, Briefs, Projects, Estimates, Jobs, Expenses, Tasks, Timesheets and Invoices. It has a fairly bare knuckle template without many bells and whistles. This enables you to focus on the financial tasks at hand. Function Point allows you to start your day by viewing the Tasks / To Dos which features a color-coded status of each daily task.

Collecting Numbers

The Function Point platform can be used to assist with collecting metrics for tax form preparation. Our Atlanta CPAs can quickly cross-reference different financial statistics because Function Point integrates its reporting and estimations into its Tasks and Projects categories. This streamlines a CPA’s time because it eliminates the need to re-type the same figures multiple times. There are numerous filters to choose from in Timesheet Summaries, including billable and non-billable hours. Each accountant can customize FP features. For example, under the Jobs category – “My” tab would list each individual set of jobs, while “All” would list the entirety of open jobs. The customizable features of Function Point are preferred because bookkeepers have the ability to tweak the FP features, just a little to their own personal specifications.

Profit Reporting

The primary industries that the Function Point creators initially targeted for usage included advertising agencies, design studios and interactive development firms. These types of firms traditionally juggle complex project schedules.The expressed focus of the Function Point creators was to keep projects on time and within their budgets. Therefore, it optimizes visualization of essential project data. We can view resource allocation easily and quickly assemble key performance indicators (KPIs) into powerful reports for our clients. This helps clients understand their profit and loss statements, so they can improve their project management.

Effortless QuickBooks Integration

Employees can download QuickBooks version 3.0 directly into Function Point. This streamlined Quickbooks integration makes our jobs much easier. We can transfer numbers back and forth using the agile Gold Level Quickbooks integration feature of Function Point. Function Point offers a simplistic accounting system that uses Excel, Word and other programs at the same time. You can find all of the financial information easily, which enabled us to measure, track and report on client profitability. Function Point works seamlessly with QuickBooks and other top software programs to enable accountants to complete their tasks quickly.


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