10000 ft and Fusion CPA

10,000FT: Quickbooks Online Integration Accounting

Having access to your firm’s financial information is very important, however, this information can be easily be unknown during a normal work day.The 10,000 FT Software can be used to provide service based firms with a better understanding of their financial status.

Data Transparency

Our Atlanta marketing CPAs were able to gain a solid, overall understanding of our clients' data using the 10K FT System. The brand uses a balloon to symbolize its ability to provide you with a bird's eye view of your business financials from 10,000 feet in the air. The primary 10,000 FT Software features include Time Tracking, Project Management, Budgeting, Gantt Charts and Expenses. For many firms data is being collected in separate files stored on employee computers. With the 10,000 Feet Software, you could centralize all of the data. This allowed users to create charts, graphs and reports so that we could identify important financial trends.

Control Billable Hours

Before our tax specialists and accountants can provide advice to our business clients, they need to conduct a financial assessment of their present circumstances. With the 10,000 FT, you can track financial data for professional services - lawyers, accountants, consultants and so forth. Corporate administrators can pre-set allotted hours for each project. So It is easy for you to ensure that hours are billed to the right Statement of Work (SOW).

Budget Tracking

One of the primary functions of the 10,000 FT Software is to track budget expenditures and resource allocation. Even though it is not a comprehensive accounting solution. It is ideal for tracking projects in process. Service based firms can get a good idea of which projects were under or over budget. The system allows you to zoom in and out to view financials over different time frames. Project managers are able to tell where resources were over-utilized or available. This helped them complete tasks on time and on budget. Project status could be broken down by time, fees or expenses. Our bookkeepers could run Planned vs Actual, Project Budget Status or Expense Reports for our clients. We could filter the financial, project, client or worker data for a more exact display.

Export to QuickBooks

Our elite marketing accountants have read the 10,000 FT Software reference files to learn how to export to QuickBooks. You simply create a report and then click on the Export button in the upper right-hand corner of 10K FT. There will be an option that says "Export Time Entries for QuickBooks." It even uses a QuickBooks compatible file (.IFF) - this QuickBooks integration saves a lot of time. Unfortunately, this method only works on a desktop personal computer. The 10,000 FT software allows you to move from manual to digital financial management, but it might lack much scalability beyond that. The platform does not give you the capability to invoice or bill directly from the software program. There are also many hidden functions that only more advanced users of the 10,000 FT software can access, manipulate and use. However, it is extremely flexible and customizable in general. Budget balancing was made easier with the nimble 10,000 FT Software.


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