Our Newly Developed Tool is Designed to Give You Real-Time Project Insights

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If your business is struggling to stay on top of project-related financial data, then we have the perfect solution for you. At Fusion, we’ve worked with businesses across various industries and found that accurate real-time insights into project profitability can be challenging for many businesses to master. This is typically because project data is tracked independently and manually added to the accounting software. But, our CPAs have recently developed a customized dashboard to automate time-tracking project management data, offering you a real-time glimpse into the financial position of your projects.

Project tracking made easy with our new integrative dashboard

Project profitability tracking is a critical aspect of effective financial management. Neglecting this function can pose significant risks to businesses. Without meticulous tracking, you can lose visibility into the true costs associated with projects. This can lead to inaccurate financial reporting, hindering the ability to make informed decisions about resource allocation and more. 

At Fusion, accuracy and efficiency rank high on the priority list when it comes to tax and accounting services. Staying ahead means more than just crunching numbers – accountants need to innovate to save their clients time and money. Gone are the days when we had to do things the long way, simply because that’s the only way it’s been done. At Fusion CPA, we embrace change, technology, and learning.

Our newly developed data tracking dashboard, developed within the Microsoft PowerBI platform, pulls information directly from the Harvest and QuickBooks timesheet platforms. This helps to track billable hours, manage project budgets, and generate reports for better project oversight.

The best part is that the data is refreshed several times a day so our clients get a live reflection of their projects’ financial health.

Our customized project tracking dashboard’s key features:

  • Real-time project tracking: our integrative dashboard focuses on project profitability, providing managers with curated financial data specific to projects. 
  • Time-saving benefits: For CPAs and clients alike, our newly developed data dashboard is the ultimate time-saver. By automating data refreshes, our CPAs can use their time more efficiently, which ultimately saves our clients in billed hours.
  • Streamlined workflows: The fact that the dashboard has been built to integrate with QuickBooks means that workflows within the accounting software will be streamlined to reduce manual input and resultant errors.

Our goal is to save you time and money

Without seamless integration, our clients may face challenges. These include data entry errors, delays in financial reporting, and a lack of real-time insights. Manual efforts not only increase the likelihood of inaccuracies but also hinder the efficiency of financial workflows. This has the potential to lead to missed opportunities and less informed decision-making.

At Fusion, we mean it when we say we want to save our clients money. This software not only enhances our efficiency in managing our client’s finances, but it also liberates valuable billable time. As a result, it allows our CPAs to redirect their focus towards more intricate aspects of client work to save them money. Contact us if you need any advice on bespoke integrations, or for any accounting assistance.

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