Everyone knows the date — April 15. The day we make sure we’ve done our duty as citizens and paid our taxes to the US Government. Well, as Atlanta tax professionals, we are fully versed in all tax laws when it comes to tax time. We will put our experience to work for you, keeping.everything.connected in all aspects of your business.

Our tax engagements vary in size and complexity. We service individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates, and trusts. We use an in-house computer and cloud based network to minimize your cost, while offering maximum service.

Federal Filings

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation (Forms 1040, 1040NR)
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation (Forms 1120, 1120S, 1120POL)
  • Partnership Tax Return Preparation (Form 1065)
  • Trust Tax Return Preparation (Form 1041)
  • Employee Benefit Plan Return Preparation (Form 5500)
  • Expat Entrepreneur Tax Preparation (Form 1116, 2555, 3520,8938)

Georgia Filings

  • Individual Tax Return Preparation (Forms 500)
  • Corporate Tax Return Preparation (Forms 600, 600-S)
  • Partnership Tax Return Preparation (Form 700)
  • Trust Tax Return Preparation (Form 501)
  • Sales Tax Preparation
  • Personal Property Tax Preparation

Multi-state filings

Most Atlanta CPAs and tax accountants cringe at multi-state tax filings. We welcome the opportunity to take on multi-state tax compliance filings for our Atlanta, GA based clients! We have experience in all states.

Sales & Use Tax Filings

Our work in the Atlanta sales and use tax arena is vast. We offer sales and use tax consulting as well as outsourced sales and use tax compliance & reporting assistance. We manage the preparation of sales and use tax returns and payments to assure timely and accurate filing nationwide. We also manage state sales and use tax audits, defend company’s positions before taxing authorities, and perform reverse sales and use tax audits to identify refund opportunities.

We accurately evaluate the validity and context of the IRS claim as well as customize a plan to resolve the matter quickly.

Internal Revenue Service audits

  • Individual audits
  • Corporate audits
  • Partnership audits
  • Payroll audits

Georgia Department of Revenue & Georgia Department of Labor audits

  • Individual audits
  • Corporate audits
  • Partnership audits
  • Payroll audits