Private Equity

Fusion CPA started offering clients like venture capitalists and crowdfunding organizations outsourced accounting back in 2010 and soon realized that there is a need for complete financial transparency, stability and control in most companies. Now we offer much more than just accounting for private equity companies and similar organizations. We optimize our clients’ finances from the inside out to achieve high-performance on their investments. Accounting is just the first step to success.

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To really make a difference and to reach our clients’ goals we use the data we collect during the stabilization of their accounting to determine what the best tax planning strategy will be. From there, clients can implement other measures to optimize their business processes, like making use of our business advisory services. After all, we’ll know your finances best, and we can help you streamline every part of your company, from finance to operations, to sales and marketing, so you can focus on what really matters to you.

Our Proven Process

Accounting for Private Equity

Reaching your business goals or realizing perceived deal value relies on thorough accounting as a foundation. Our CPAs utilize ERP systems that can scale. This allows you access to valuable data you can rely on.

Tax and Compliance

Taxes for private equity companies can be very complex. We specialize in interstate tax laws and compliance, as well as tax planning, which will further guide you to make informed financial decisions. With our help you can close a deal without being bogged down by governance issues.

CFO Advisory

We’ll help you align your business processes and KPIs with your goals, as well as assist with financial forecasting. We’re not just about scaling for the sake of it. Maybe you have other objectives in mind like building a very agile, solid company that can weather any storm.

Enjoy being in charge of a company that has access to real-time data that is reliable. From conception to execution, our financial services can help you get where you need to be – and faster than going at it alone. Turn to us for better business practices based on accountability and results. We’ll be there with you when you need to realize a deal’s value in the first critical 100 days after it closes. Let us worry about tax planning and compliance while you get back to doing what you enjoy, whether it’s seizing growth opportunities or seeing people’s dreams be realized.

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We have the team, the tools, and the expertise to transform any private equity business