The Best Accounting Software Chosen by Accountants

Choose the Right Software for Your Business

Our accountants know all the popular platforms as well as niche accounting software solutions. We can help you implement a robust software to help stabilize, analyze, and scale your company. Our team of accountants is experienced in many industries. So whatever line of business you’re in, we will guide you through the implementation and customization process so you can productively reap the benefits of automating a myriad of processes.

Software Implementation

At Fusion CPA we are not just accounting nerds, but also really into software! We know that utilizing intuitive software to streamline your organization is essential to your success. You need to have software that gives you a clear snapshot of your organization’s financial health so that you can make the best choices, based on the most recent and relevant data.

You also have to take your current management platforms into account when choosing the best financial management solution. We aim for seamless integration with your existing business management software or a transition to the most efficient software for your company. We are serious about growing your business.

We’re always learning new software and we give our CPAs the option to specialize in the software solutions that they are passionate about.

We will take you through a transparent process, from analyzing your current situation to maintaining the software that you have chosen.

Our 4-step Process for Seamless Software Integration

1) Discovery Call

We listen to your current situation, your needs, and challenges. Do you want multiple users to work on different areas? Does your team need to collaborate on specifics? Are you having trouble reconciling your books and invoices? Each business is unique so we need to get a clear idea of what your current setup is. We also want to help you scale, so your future plans are also an important consideration.

2) Diagnostic

We go over your data to see where it can be improved. Most companies can benefit from software that gives them a clear picture of their finances anywhere and at any point in time. We can achieve this with cloud-based software.

3) Implementation

We plan and execute the integration of the new software. We can guide you through employee training and more. Our goal is always seamless integration.

4) Maintenance

Depending on your needs, we can guide you through maintaining the highest level of knowledge about your software. You can hire us to take over certain roles. Our CPAs are just a phone call away when you need to outsource tax planningbookkeeping, or business advisory.

Grow Your Business the Smart Way

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