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The Traction methodology is a cohesive business management solution built on six key components that have become a popular, effective way for small and medium-sized companies to achieve higher levels of success.

  1. Vision: Getting everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction
  2. People: Having the right people in the right seats who GWC (get it, want it, and the capacity to do it)
  3. Data: Using objective metrics as a way gauging the health of your business and uncover issues
  4. Issues: Addressing and solving issues efficiently
  5. Process: Documenting your way of doing things
  6. Traction: Bridging the gap between your vision and your execution

At Fusion CPA, we have self-implemented Traction and assist other firms with Traction implementation and management. We are a progressive firm that thrives on accountability and leaps at opportunities to assist entrepreneurs to create a culture of accountability within their organization. So we created Traction mastermind groups which are designed to connect highly motivated entrepreneurs and organizational leaders who share a common goal and are looking to create an ecosystem of support where like-minded firms can encourage and help each other improve.

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