Fusion CPA’s Business Values


Trevor McCandless founded Fusion CPA in 2011 as a financial advisory firm built on four business values that exemplify the way we do things here. Loyalty, trust, accountability, and respect are the bedrock of who we are at Fusion CPA. When customers contract us and when employees work for us, they are trusting us to be women and men of our word. This is a trust that we take seriously.

Since Fusion CPA was founded by a passionate entrepreneur, we understand the role that trust plays in being able to help other entrepreneurs get the most out of their finances and grow their businesses. Most of our clients have a basic understanding of finance. However, a lot of the financial services we provide are outside of our client’s core competency.

One of our greatest joys is seeing the look of relief and the feeling of calm our clients experience after working with us. When they see that their books are well balanced, tax compliances are met on time, and that because of working with us they have a better grasp on their finances, they are thankful that they decided to work with an organization that values trust and honesty.

Why Our Business Values Matter to Us

Values matter to us because they set a standard that allows us to act fairly, honestly, and consistently. From our perspective, a core set of business values gives us the freedom to make decisions quickly while clearly communicating our principles to clients, customers, and new hires. All of this is done with an attitude that reflects our commitment to putting the people we interact with first.

Creating a business is like building a community. For a community to be successful, it has to function as a group. It needs to have a shared code of conduct, vision for the future, identity, and ethos that pushes them to reach a certain level. Then, as you invite people into the business, you can share that value system with them. However, if an organization does not define its business values clearly to customers and employees, it will be the customers and employees who evolve the values of the organization, which is often detrimental.

Make a Difference in the Community. No company, no employee, no customer, and no vendor is an island. What we do impacts each other. Fusion CPA wants to be a force for good in our community. Whether it is our stance on social injustice or our commitment to creating a welcoming, safe working environment, we don’t simply want to say good things. We are committed to doing good.

When you work with us as an employee or partner with us as a valued customer, you will see that we have a philosophy of people over process. We are a collaborative community that lets employees work together efficiently. The goal is to find the best workable solution to the challenges we tackle. While we respect and applaud individual achievement, we value team-oriented employees. Achieving personal goals is commendable. However, a person who can achieve organizational goals by accomplishing their individual tasks quickly becomes an invaluable asset to our team.


  1. Following the Golden Rule. We treat customers, employees, vendors, and partners the way we would like to be treated. It is called the Golden Rule for a reason. In all of our interactions, we ask ourselves how we would like to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot. If we were dealing with a serious tax issue, our bookkeeping was out of control, and we worked hard to build a company but were struggling to turn a profit, what would we want professionals to do for us and say to us? We treat our vendors honestly and our employees with respect and care. If we wouldn’t want it done to ourselves, we don’t do it to others.
  2. Building an Atmosphere That Allows Employees to Imagine, Enjoy, and Produce. Our employees are one of our greatest assets. We are selective in our hiring process. We only want the best. When looking for new employees, we focus on their:


We hire people who dream big and are committed to organizational success. At the same time, we appreciate that work is not all there is to life. To be truly productive at work, you have to feel like you have the opportunity to pursue a valuable life outside of work. That is why we have built a culture of maintaining a good work-life balance.

Our inclusive nature means that we welcome individuals from all walks of life. Our business values these unique perspectives on how things get done. We truly believe that from the collective we are one.

Since we are focused on hiring self-starters, we see it is our responsibility to let them be motivated. Our employees have the freedom to think big, solve problems, and work toward success.

Fusion CPA is home to those who have a healthy sense of competition but thrive in the group’s success. We want to see you succeed. There is room for growth for all of our employees at Fusion CPA.

Making Our Business Values Count

Our business values are not an aspiration for how we want our company to be. They are an accurate description of who we are now and who we are committed to being in the future. They are deeply ingrained principles that guide our company’s actions and serve as cultural cornerstones.

Nor are these accidental values that arose spontaneously. These are qualities that we actively cultivate and aggressively recruit. Value initiatives are not a one-time event measured by the initial attention they receive. Instead, they are statements of truth that reflect the authenticity of our character.


We feel that if an individual or organization is not willing to accept the difficulties that having real values incurs, there is no point in creating a value statement. Fusion CPA holds itself to a higher standard, and we demand the same of all who work with our organization.

Our value initiatives were not built by consensus. Trust, respect, loyalty, and accountability are a set of fundamental, strategically sound beliefs we impose on all who represent us, including C suite level executives to new hires.

You Will See Our Values in Everything We Do

Our values are seen in everything we do, from hiring methods to criteria for promotions, rewards, and even our dismissal process. From the first interview to the last day an employee works with us, they are constantly reminded that core values are the basis for each of the decisions this organization makes.

All of our job candidates are screened for their experience and skills and their ability to align with company values. During interviews, we ask candidates frank questions about what they expect from work, what they have accomplished in the past, and what they bring to the table. We want to know what potential hires have already accomplished in life that other people viewed as impossible.

We evaluate candidates against our core values. And this process continues whether we are talking about giving bonuses, raises, or promotions. We value training. Employees who need training or coaching will find the mentoring they require here. What we cannot tolerate is someone who does not match our core values.

Our customers are our lifeblood. Customer satisfaction is a must. All of our employees will see that customer satisfaction is a message that is repeated time after time. We are an extraordinary company that will do extraordinary things to help our clients exceed their financial dreams and expectations.

With values, we set the bar high. We know that living by the values of respect, trust, accountability, and loyalty is difficult. But we are unapologetic in standing by what we believe in.

At Fusion CPA, we have created a diverse team of driven, customer-oriented, successful employees. We are always looking for talented individuals who are ready to devote their time and energy to help build a brand that has garnered the respect, trust, loyalty, and admiration of countless organizations and individuals over the years.

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