You could be bumping up against walls while using your current rheumatology practice bookkeeping software. You may be lacking data automation, HIPAA compliance, clear ledgers, and connected dashboards if you're using an older system. What's more, you may be wasting countless hours each month if you're still relying on manual spreadsheets for bookkeeping. If you're interested in streamlining processes, increasing productivity, and getting good metrics for performance it may be time for a change. You should speak with a rheumatology practice financial adviser about upgrading to a program like Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct is a cloud-based platform that is commonly used for rheumatology practice accounting.

Cataloging All of Your Core Financials in One Place

Is it a daily struggle to get a picture of what your financials look like? It is not uncommon for gaining financial insight to be a prime issue for many medical practices. Without the proper systems in place, you or your accountant can waste a lot of time. That's precisely why our medical practice financial advisers here at Fusion CPA recommend Sage Intacct. Sage Intacct may your solution for streamlining all core financials. Here are a couple of operations/functions that Sage Intacct should help improve:

  • accounts payable

  • accounts receivable

  • cash management

  • billing

  • budgeting and planning

  • HR/people management

You stay in control using elegant, clear ledgers that lay it all out. What's more, Sage Intacct is renowned for its multi-dimensional visibility. What that means is that Sage Intacct's innovative and exclusive general ledger system is pliable for your practice's needs. Models and insights can be delivered based on scalable and flexible parameters. This can feel like a breath of fresh air if your practice has been struggling with basic business ledgers with little room for customization. As a result, practices using the Sage Intacct platform may be able to design more precise rheumatology practice tax planning and accounting strategies. You may be able to extract the full potential of this platform for smart cash management and planning when you partner with a rheumatology practice financial adviser.

Why Sage Intacct May Be a Good Fit for Healthcare Providers

Sage Intacct is a rare financial platform that was designed with medical practices and healthcare settings in mind. Unfortunately, many practice managers assume that any popular accounting platform is appropriate. The reality is that not every platform offers features that specifically streamline and shield data in ways that are compatible with medical settings. One way that Sage Intacct shines is through its option for HIPAA-compliant data management.

Increased Visibility

Sage Intacct may eliminate the need to "dig" for information and insights the way you might when information is buried in spreadsheets. The platform offers robust visualizations that may speed up your ability to understand metrics and make decisions. That may be helpful both when making timely decisions alone or when collaborating on strategy with your rheumatology practice’s financial adviser. Sage Intacct is also rich with automated features that may cut down billable hours to your rheumatology practice’s accountant. This includes a dynamic, shared chart of accounts and real-time consolidations. Your practice may benefit from having a centralized payables method instead of trying to track billing and payments across individualized platforms.

Curious to See How Sage Intacct Might Perform at Your Practice?

You may have questions about what Sage Intacct would look like once it's integrated into your rheumatology practice tax planning and accounting strategies. That's where Fusion CPA comes in! We are verified Sage Intacct implementors offering bookkeeping, tax, financial, and rheumatology practice CFO business advisory services. Let's explore how we can help you to implement and manage Sage Intacct to optimize operations. Seeing how this platform performs through the lens of a rheumatology practice CPA may help you to get a more complete perspective. You can learn more about our services by clicking the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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