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We want to help you grow your dental practice. As your practice expands, you must be able to provide the most efficient service and care to your patients. To do this, you have to place the majority of your focus on advancing your dental expertise and the wellbeing of your patients. It is very challenging to do this when you are routinely caught off guard about tax and accounting issues. When you partner with Fusion CPA, you will be able to focus on your patients and grow your dental practice through our dentist accounting experts. 

Our experienced team of dental industry accountants works dental practices to use effective strategies to minimize taxes, improve operations, and increase profitability for the practice. Our seasoned dental practice CPAs understand the accounting and tax planning challenges you encounter and will provide you with the services and advice you need throughout your practice’s lifecycle.

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Some Of The Dental Practice Management Platforms We Use:


Dentrix has supreme QuickBooks Online integration, which you can access through its Office Manager. This comprehensive solution helps with billing, collections and metrics functionality to complete your tasks. Dental practices are able to reconcile discrepancies in patient account balances using the advanced features of this dental software.


Compiling all of our client’s financial information onto one screen was one of the primary benefits of using Eaglesoft software. We can provide in-depth financial services using the line item accounting, smart invoices and bulk payment features of the Eaglesoft dental software.


Carestream is not just one tool to help you improve your bookkeeping; this is a comprehensive dental practice management system. To start, there is a daily overview portal that allows the dentists and dental assistants to view daily tasks on a single screen. This ensures that everyone working within a dental practice is on the same page. Carestream Dental’s office expert can be used to list daily tasks. Multiple dental practice employees can work on the same patient record due to the parallel workflows functionality.

Carestream Dental software not only has Quickbooks online integration but also allows for data transfer to Excel without a hitch.

Curve Dental

We can assist dentists in integrating Curve Dental. This software handles online payments and automated appointment reminders as well as Curve Image, which tackles native digital imaging that sends image files and data directly to the Cloud for storage. Curve Dental integration provides many specialties like allowing dental businesses to access their necessary accounting reports online.

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