Cannabis, CBD and Hemp

Accounting, tax planning and business advisory for businesses of all sizes across the US

Cannabis, CBD and Hemp

Accounting, tax planning and business advisory for businesses of all sizes across the US

Accountants Who Understand Cannabis, CBD and Hemp Accounting

The Cannabis industry is booming all over the world whether people are utilizing CBD to aid medical conditions or cannabis for recreational pleasure; it is clear that there is an exceptionally high demand for easy access to cannabis. Our team of cannabis distribution and retail accountants addresses and resolves the complex tax and accounting issues our clients face in the cannabis industry. Some of the common problems we help our clients navigate are regulatory and compliance tax planning, contract negotiations, aggressive cash flow management, strategic forecasting, and trend analysis.

Fusion CPA specializes in accounting and tax minimization strategies for entrepreneurs in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industry.

Whether you are new to the cannabis industry or you have a few years behind you, our team of experienced accountants can help you protect your wealth and plan for your financial future. 

Our Comprehensive Services for the Cannabis, CBD and Hemp Industry

While each business has unique opportunities and challenges, we can lay a solid foundation for your business with these services:

  • Multi-state regulatory tax minimization planning
  • Strategic cash flow & profitability management for businesses in the cannabis and CBD industry
  • Work to establish financial reporting best practices
  • Streamline accounts receivable management 
  • Assist with ownership and transition strategies
  • Identifying the ideal entity structure for your business
  • Examine financial reports to create a road map for strategic business reinvestment opportunities

We’d first assess your current financial setup to determine the best course of action. Let’s talk about ways we can streamline your company to save you time and money while keeping your business goals in sight.


Multi-State Operators

Extracting and Packaging

Processing Companies


Warehousing and Fulfillment

Seed to Sale Vertical Integrators

Our goal is to help you stabilize, analyze, and grow your business

Incredibly grateful for Trevor and his team. I'm a small business owner, based in Austin, TX, and found my way onto Fusion's email list a number of months ago. They have provided tremendous insight and value, sparking my interest in, and understanding of, government subsidy programs, such as the PPP loan and EIDL loan, during these times. This inspiration led me to initiate the process, with our accountant, in Austin. I am so glad we did. My business was granted both loans! I've known Trevor McCandless for years, and he has always been a person that genuinely cares about other people and that shows in the business practices of Fusion CPA.

Ask Us About Practice Management Platforms

We offer software solutions for businesses of all sizes

Let's talk business goals and financial opportunities

Let's talk business goals and financial opportunities

Join our client journey without the commitment of an in-house accountant, tax or finance team!

Our team will address any accounting clean-up tasks that need to be executed and analyze your accounting ecosystem for optimization opportunities and to stabilize your business.

We analyze your accounting to see where you can save with strategic tax planning. We don’t just put out the fire, but also streamline your tax deductions.

We’ve had great success with the business management system, and we love providing our clients with CFO advisory to reach their unique goals.