Accounting for Veterinarians Made Simpler with Idexx Software

Veterinarians can make their bookkeeping practices more efficient by using Idexx cloud-based software.

Taking care of your furry patients is the most important part of running your veterinary practice. Unfortunately, it is not the only part of it. As a business, you also need to manage your financials to ensure the smooth running of your operations as well as accurate reporting to the IRS. Simplify the flow of information across your veterinary practice and get easy access to patient data, business insights, and client communications with Idexx Software.

Accounting for veterinarians

Veterinarians can make their bookkeeping practices more efficient by using Idexx cloud-based software. In addition to ensuring accounting accuracy, the software also gives you oversight of your finances to empower you to lower costs within your vet business.

Learn why our vet practice accountants are passionate about the cloud-based Idexx software, which aids veterinarians diagnose animals to prevent the spread of diseases. This article will explore software for veterinarians.

Idexx software: your partner in keeping animals healthy

Since 1983, Idexx software for veterinarians has been involved in creating innovative electronic diagnostic and testing tools for veterinarians. In 1991, the company was listed on the NASDAQ. The cloud-based Idexx Neo software is very popular with our Atlanta veterinarian bookkeepers and CPAs.

Idexx integrates with Quickbooks which will help you file accurate taxes, calculate the expenditures in your budget and analyse data to save costs.

Some of the other benefits of Idexx software include:

  • Allows you to view patient information from wherever you are
  • Simplifies operations as it integrates with contactless payments and with the correct co-integrations, allows your books to be updated accordingly
  • Automatically protects and backs up patient data. 
  • Easy to use so all staff members can be trained on the software

Cloud-based software for veterinarians

Many veterinarians are using Idexx instruments, testers, analytical tools, and software for pets and livestock. Those who have used the Idexx Neo software for veterinarians praise the benefits it offers, citing evidence of how it helped them advance their business.

Vet Valet Owner Doctor Gina Finney said “because it’s so simple to use we can literally see four or five extra clients per week. That has allowed us to grow and add two doctors to our practice in the last year.”

Fusion’s CPAs and tax planning professionals can complete reports by accessing the cloud-based records of veterinarians. This can immensely streamline the bookkeeping process, it is a cost-effective solution for veterinarians who are just starting their practice. To implement this software within your veterinary business, speak to one of our CPAs. 

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