Outsourced BigCommerce Accounting

BigCommerce Accounting

When you’re running an online business, you’re laser focussed on increasing your bottom line. You’re always checking user behavior, your site’s conversion rate, and the ROI for your marketing efforts and you may not have time to integrate your BigCommerce store’s data with accounting software. Manual bookkeeping can be time-consuming and error-prone; this is especially dangerous for small to medium-sized businesses. Companies need their bookkeeping to be accurate to be able to make the best use of their BigCommerce store’s data. Outsourcing your BigCommerce business’ accounting tasks can help your business manage its finances a lot more efficiently.

Fusion CPA’s outsourced BigCommerce accounting eliminates the complexities of bookkeeping and invoicing by providing a multi-channel strategy that is tailored for success; we can also help your online business reach its potential and grow with fewer pain points.

Why Choose BigCommerce?

BigCommerce comes with a wide array of features, including:

  • The ability to create a feature-rich eCommerce Store that comes with an array of functions. You can make this store based on your own preferences or using any number of BigCommerce templates. This platform gives you a choice of 12 free templates.
  • Automate a slew of functions, including all of the back-office accounting functions, so you can concentrate on creating and selling your products.
  • Create stores that work for a variety of formats, including on a mobile or desktop device.
  • Scale your store for both features and costs to you. BigCommerce comes with a variety of plans that are designed to fit your needs, regardless of how big or small your store is.
  • Take a variety of tutorial classes and ensure that you have access to world-class customer support services.

How Outsourced BigCommerce Accounting Works

Outsourced eCommerce accountants understand what it takes to make an online store succeed and can guide you through the three main phases of optimizing your business finances.

An outsourced BigCommerce accountant works in unison with the rest of your team to get the work done. Outsourcing your accounting for a BigCommerce business can be more affordable than an in-house accountant and you have the benefit of working with experienced accounting professionals.

Phase 1: Integrating Accounting Software with BigCommerce and Stabilizing Your Accounting

Your accountant will advise you on the best accounting software option for your BigCommerce store. They take your business goals and affordability into account. Once your software is set up, they go over the numbers to ensure that your accounting is accurate. This step is crucial as it lays the foundation for the next phases.

Your accountant can assist with forecasting, profitability modeling and resource management. It’s good to schedule weekly or bi-weekly meetings with your accountant to discuss the finacial health of your BigCommerce business.

Accounting Software we Recommend with BigCommerce

QuickBooks Accounting Software for Companies

  • Suitable for Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) with basic accounting needs
  • Good invoicing functions
  • Not ideal if you want to scale or integrate a lot of platforms (see NetSuite)

What is the best accounting software - NetSuite is top of our accountants' list

  • Perfect for enterprises
  • Ideal for SMBs that want to scale, merge or sell their company
  • Options include ERP, CRM, Professional Services Automation (PSA), eCommerce (inventory etc.) and HR management

BigCommerce doesn’t come with accounting features but it does allow you to integrate accounting software. Using accounting software is very important as it can help avoid costly errors or wasting time manually doing accounts reconciliation or invoicing. Fortunately, you can integrate your BigCommerce store with QuickBooks or NetSuite. If you’re using any other software, talk to our CPAs about integrating accounting software with BigCommerce and the best solutions for your business.

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Phase 2: Creating a Sound Tax Planning Strategy to Save You Money

Once you have streamlined your accounting software, you want to implement processes that ensure your accounting is done accurately and in time for your tax deadlines. You don’t want your business to pay unnecessary penalty fees! You also want to make the most of tax deductions.

Most business owners don’t take the tax implications of their spending into account until tax time. You can talk to a tax accountant to make smart financial decisions throughout the year that clarifies your estimated tax. You don’t want nasty surprises or fines come tax time! A tax accountant knows the laws regarding inter-state business transactions, which is especially helpful for companies who operate as multi-state tax entities.

Phase 3: Mindful Growth with Business Advisory

Ideally, you want to work with a BigCommerce accountant who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. Your accountant can see where your strengths and weaknesses lie when looking at your financials, so why not use this information to help you grow?

Business advisors take this one step further by helping you carve out processes and strategies to reach your BigCommerce business’s goals. You can read more about the ins and outs of business advisory here.

Getting Outsourced BigCommerce Accounting

At Fusion CPA, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of outsourced BigCommerce accounting and software solutions, tax planning, and guide your business to grow mindfully. Book a discovery call with us to learn more.

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