Tax Deductions for Business Expenses

Use our calculator to determine what you can write off as a business expense

What can I write off as a business expense - tax deductions for business?

Business deductions allowed by the IRS are a way of lowering the taxable liability of your business. It is important to understand the relevant tax rules when attempting to write off expenses against your taxes. There are very specific rules and allowances for different types of business entities and unjustified deductions can raise red flags and lead to steep tax penalties.

The below expense deduction sheet is a good starting point to guide your business through the allowed tax-deductible expenses. Simply send the form to your email to calculate your business tax deductions.

Put Some Thought Into Maximizing Your Tax Deductions

When you’re trying to run a business, little details can have a way of pulling your focus. Unfortunately, tackling taxes is one of those details that you can’t overlook. It seems like the process never ends between trying to find ways to minimize your obligations and meeting those filing deadlines. Add to that new rules, regulations, and possible deductions, and it’s more than one person can deal with regularly. However, finding and using write offs for business expenses is one of the surest ways to reduce the amount you owe Uncle Sam and keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Do you think you're owing too much taxes?

You could be maximizing more tax deductions for your industry and business entity type with strategic tax planningFusion CPA can also guide you through the process of choosing the best accounting software for your business.

What are Deductions For Business Expenses?

Also known as tax-write-offs, business expense deductions are a legal means of removing the cost of doing business from the equation. They do this by allowing you to deduct items like the price of raw materials for manufacturing, interest rates on business loans, and even meals from your gross revenues as long as they follow the guidelines for what the IRS considers an allowable business expense


When To Use Write Offs For Business Expenses

You can benefit from this deduction if part of your job depends on a specific type of apparel, such as business suits or high-end fashion. The catch is that these items of clothing must be worn only to conduct business and monogrammed in some way to distinguish them from street clothes. There are hundreds of possible dedications available, but they change every year. Some are added, or the qualifications are changed. Some deductions that were available last year may not be valid on future returns. It’s also sometimes complicated to figure out how much of an expense is deductible. 

For example, the business use of your home is calculated on a percentage basis. There are also limits on meals, business travel, and other peripheral expenses that are industry-specific. 

Finding and applying deductions for business expenses may seem to make an already complicated part of doing business even more complicated. But, the price of not taking the time – or getting professional help from a tax preparation expert – could end up costing your company millions.

How Technology Can Help Minimize Your Tax Liabilities

Accounting technology not only helps you track where your money comes from and where it goes, but it can also help find write-offs for business expenses that manual accounting might miss. When you couple the latest accounting platforms with a dedicated team of tax planners, you’ll find that your digital migration was worth the investment. 

How does technology help with tax planning?


  • Automating the accounting and tax preparation process
  • Real-time updates that incorporate the latest regulations and possible credits into the platform
  • Locating and applying allowable deductions
  • Timely reporting and filing
  • Greater accuracy and eliminating human error

With a combination of outsourcing and the Best Accounting Software Chosen By Accountants, you’ll save time and money while reducing the risk of overpaying or enduring an audit.

Don't Overlook Write Offs for Business Expenses

Whether you’re launching a tech startup or helming a growing enterprise, minimizing your tax liabilities is essential for your bottom line. However, running your business should be the main focus. 

Turning your tax planning over to a qualified tax preparation expert will allow you the freedom to manage critical business processes while we take care of the rest.