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Far too many retailers know the struggle: You have so many systems that there is simply no way to keep track of them all. Your point of sale software doesn’t speak with your inventory management. Inventory management is disconnected from your accounting. There is no way to build up easy-to-read analytics from your point of sale software, making it impossible to completely and accurately understand what is selling, what isn’t, and what products you should be advertising. This is where the version of Acumatica for eCommerce and Retail comes in.

Acumatica’s Retail-Commerce Edition Tackles These Problems

To be clear: This isn’t a small problem. Consider the following, as noted by Forbes and Nielsen:

  • Only 74% of individuals involved in marketing believe that their marketing is working, and only 25% can precisely quantify that return on investment.
  • Far too many businesses waste time and opportunity by not tracking and analyzing their expenses and investments.
  • Businesses lose money and efficiency by paying for separate services rather than a bundled set of investments.

Small business owners are drowning in too much information and a lack of good news. They’re pressed on all sides by countless demands on time and the inability to determine what truly matters to their business and what doesn’t. They use too many different systems, such as spreadsheets, as they desperately try to sift through data to figure out what strategies will work for their business and what won’t. In too many cases, this can lead to failure.

Who Can Benefit From Acumatica’s Retail-Commerce Edition

Acumatica‘s edition specifically designed for online stores and brick-and-mortar businesses, called the Retail-Commerce Edition, considers the needs of both SMBs and enterprises. Its specific goal is to bundle together numerous different methods, including financials, inventory management, point-of-sale software, accounting, and more. In doing so, Acumatica eCommerce can easily present usable data to understand your own business better. It can save you time and money.

The goal of any ERP – or Enterprise Resource Planning software – is to provide integrated management of these systems. These systems, of course, cost money, so if it is going to work for your business, it has to provide a real return on investment. Acumatica eCommerce and Retail does this via the integration of your various systems.

Acumatica Helps eCommerce With:


We already know that far too many businesses waste money by not correctly targeting their most popular services to the right audiences. What if you could integrate your customer database with inventory management? What if this occurred automatically, and you were able to run advanced reports that gave you a complete breakdown of what customers were buying which goods? From there, you could export information to determine the best audiences to target on social media advertisements.


Every business owner has wasted countless hours managing to account, losing time and money on services when those critical resources could be better spent elsewhere. Imagine that you could purchase an integrated service model where all of your accounting needs were automated. Never again would you have to waste a moment managing sales projections or trying to figure out how much you owed in your quarterly tax payments.

How Can I Get Started?

The purpose of any integrated business software is to save you money and time while also providing world-class customer service to ensure that your business is profiting the way it needs to; this is where Acumatica eCommerce software can help. But to ultimately make a success of your business, you also need strategic tax planning and CFO advisory which is where outsourced finance experts like Fusion CPA comes in. We make expert accounting and tax planning accessible to businesses anywhere in the US.

For more information about implementing Acumatica Retail-Commerce, or to learn more about the various ways you can help your business grow and thrive, contact Fusion CPA.

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