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Important to know if you're new to NetSuite inegration

We explain integrating NetSuite with apps like Salesforce, Shopify, Stripe, Expensify or Magento.  Integration with NetSuite can be cumbersome to get done if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Avoiding the downtime created by trying to complete an integration with NetSuite can be more straightforward and efficient when you receive professional assistance from a NetSuite accounting and integration team like Fusion CPA. Doing so can help you stay focused on your operations and minimize errors. 

Attempting to complete an integration with NetSuite when you’re unfamiliar with the system can quickly lead to problems you need to resolve. Having an incorrect trial balance or trying to convert and enter your beginning balances isn’t always as straightforward as it should be, leading to wasted time pulling out a manual and trying to figure out the errors. Relying on proper accounting is essential if you want to safeguard against future problems with your bookkeeping, taxes and overall financial stance. Getting started correctly should be more efficient when you use our financial accounting services. 

NetSuite Integration with


Having a thriving business is easier to align when your sales and finance teams are working together. Completing an integration with NetSuite with Salesforce offers this opportunity and the ability to save time. Allowing either department to access data independently reduces the number of times they would have to email each other to ask for updates associated with sales orders and invoices. Avoiding the need to upload data or performing a manual download can be done by utilizing a third-party service like Celigo.


Integrating HubSpot with NetSuite is also advantageous as it can help your marketing and sales teams collaborate. One of the quickest ways to complete this integration is by utilizing the HubSpot app for NetSuite. Providing a two-way sync that automatically updates each change from either system lets you send lead scores from HubSpot to NetSuite fast. You can choose which new contact records sync from NetSuite to HubSpot and back.


Sharing information between NetSuite and an e-commerce platform like Magento can also add clarity to your operations and provide more efficiency. Utilizing a third-party solution such as the Cleo Integration Cloud makes integration with NetSuite possible. Integrating Magento with NetSuite can also be done with Celigo. Doing so lets you handle the process without having to worry about coding or APIs.


Shopify integration with NetSuite should achieve real-time data on the cloud. Completing this configuration by adding the specialized app to your Shopify store should be quick and efficient. Using this plugin allows you to automatically sync orders, inventories, and customers without worrying about inaccurate data and downtime. It eliminates the hassle of dealing with incorrect customers, orders and inventories when accessing your data. Using the app offers several unique features like currency mapping and selective syncing of orders and customers. Read more about Shopify accounting.


Automating your pre-accounting process for expenses, bills and invoices should be more efficient using Expensify and integration with NetSuite. If you’re using Expensify, you need to export financial information to NetSuite as “vendor bills.” Integrating data into NetSuite requires you to provide a reference number, GL account, location and amount. Optional fields can also be utilized, such as Customer, Class and Department. After choosing an appropriate format, you need to create an export format and configure it correctly using the right formulas.


Using the Stripe connector allows you to integrate with NetSuite and take advantage of its robust features. Avoiding downtime and hundreds of hours of customizing and integration can be quickly done using Stripe’s prebuilt solution. Integrating both systems allow for real-time, automated manual cash reconciliation and push Stripe data associated with customers, payments, disputes, deposits, refunds and invoices to NetSuite.

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Integrating NetSuite with WordPress is achieved by using a third-party solution such as Skyvia, Workato or DNeers that allows safe integration with NetSuite. Then you and your team can collect the data you need and keep track of prospects, leads, opportunities, customers’ data and contacts. Streamlining the data in this way offers seamless order management and synchronization of the product catalog. Avoiding manual entry and errors should help create efficiency for the sales order process and associated bookkeeping. We advise talking to our team of NetSuite consultants as we’re experienced in integration with NetSuite.


Freeing your HR department from having to manually re-enter employee and payroll data or expense reimbursements can be done by integrating with NetSuite. Meeting your unique needs should be completed by using a third-party connector like Modulus Data. Doing it should provide seamless integration for ADP payroll to NetSuite bookkeeping entries, saving your HR team an extensive amount of money and time. Data on any new hires or employee updates can quickly be sent from the ADP system to NetSuite fast and conveniently.


Expense management is another essential element to keep track of for your business. Utilizing the Concur Connector for integration with NetSuite allows you to sync this information into NetSuite Financials, providing you with the transparency required to know where money is being spent. Controlling your costs should be much more efficient and allow you to make better decisions when you have this type of flexibility in your control. Once your employees’ expenses have been approved, they can quickly become visible in the NetSuite system and have the appropriate expense codes added. Our NetSuite consultants can recommend alternative solutions as Concur is often disappointing to businesses who seek more sophisticated data entry.


Utilizing Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) and integrating it with NetSuite should also provide more efficiency and reduce downtime. Automating the fulfillment and order processes between manufacturers, distributors and retailers can be done with this integration with NetSuite. Using a third-party application like Celigo is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get it done correctly.

Minimize Risk With Any Integration with NetSuite

Here at Fusion CPA, we regularly work with all of these solutions, allowing us to streamline your business processes and reporting. Contact us today to discuss your unique needs when you need to sync data with NetSuite.