Win With NetSuite Advanced Order Management

NetSuite Advanced Order Management

When they have several choices available, catering to your customers is essential if you want them to become loyal to your brand. Utilizing NetSuite Advanced Order Management can help you make it more efficient to perform this crucial task. Offering a way to automate your order promising and allocation, you’ll likely find it beneficial to implement in your company’s fulfillment process. This article will discuss more about NetSuite Advanced Order Management.

Benefits of NetSuite Advanced Order Management

Customer expectations have risen significantly due to the number of available options they have at their fingertips when shopping for products you’re selling. Meeting their demands and turning them into advocates loyal to your company is easier when you implement a comprehensive solution into your process for fulfilling orders. Doing so allows you to deliver orders promptly due to the software’s omnichannel capabilities. One of the key benefits available is the ability to fulfill orders promptly using the following three features:

  1. Automatic Location Assignment (ALA)
  2. Fulfillment Requests
  3. Store Pickup Fulfillment

Enabling these features allows you to adjust locations, determine configurations, and create rules and settings to run your fulfillment process automatically. This action fulfills each customer’s order based on specific business rules and the global inventory you have available. Implementing these features allows the system to choose the best fulfillment location based on your preferences. You have the flexibility to optimize for fast delivery or a reduction of fulfillment costs.

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Controlling the Release of Orders

Providing the capability to control when orders are released is also available with NetSuite Advanced Order Management. Meeting the demands of customers’ orders, preserving safety stock and increasing inventory when items are depleted is necessary in the order fulfillment process. Using this software solution offers complete transparency with this process, allowing you to understand the fulfillment status and make exceptions to orders when required.

Adding Store Pickup Meets Specific Customer Demands

Having complete control over the fulfillment process and the locations where items come from allows you to offer store pickup and mixed orders. Once your warehouse is made aware of a pickup order, the fulfillment request is generated automatically and notifies the store of the order. After the specific items are selected from inventory, the customer is notified to pick up their merchandise. Streamlining this process creates the efficiency and transparency required to meet customers’ demands when they need the items they’re buying ASAP. Offering this ability can make you the company they turn to when shopping.

Saving Sales and Increasing Revenues

Turning each store into a warehouse allows you to fulfill customer demands more effectively. Increasing inventory turnover and reducing markdowns should affect your bottom line positively. Controlling the items and locations in your shipping process allows you to operate each store intelligently and choose the appropriate one best suited to fulfill your selling products. Including the functionality to handle exceptions and inventory discrepancies helps alleviate fulfillment challenges as well.

Offering Increased Visibility of Your Fulfillment Operations

Using your sales order and return data to understand more about your fulfillment process can give you a deeper insight into its efficiency. Combining this with fulfillment-request reporting should allow you to know where you can improve. Learning more about implementing this software tool into your company’s processes can be completed by getting assistance from one of the bookkeeping and accounting specialists here at Fusion CPA. We know how essential it is to meet the expectations of your customers. Receiving our help implementing these features may prove to be highly advantageous. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions. We’d be happy to help.

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