Practice Management Accounting Software For Your Industry

practice management accounting software

Not all practice management software has been created equal. We have found that some have such a high learning curve for companies that they are counterproductive. Others are simple but lack the critical tools needed for your operation.

If your firm is like most other firms, you want practice management software to give you insight into the following:

  • Who did what?
  • How did they accomplish the task?
  • When should deadlines be met?
  • Where are we at meeting milestones?
  • Are we behind on projects, invoices, or payments?

Even if your business is small, project management software will help you track clients, employees, vendors, invoices, etc. As your business grows, your product management software becomes an integral part of your business. There are several vendors to choose from. 

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    The Most Popular ERP in the World

    NetSuite includes project management software that lets team members and managers collaborate on projects and keep up-to-date on project statuses. It allows managers to resolve and identify potential issues proactively. NetSuite is cloud-based, allowing stakeholders to review and monitor project statuses at any given time. In turn, this leads to satisfied clients, a reduction of non-billable work, and an improved project completion record.

    NetSuite features include:

    • Complete project visibility
    • Control over project risks and issues
    • Visibility into project profitability
    • Monitor and create detailed budgets on the project level

    The best thing about NetSuite from our NetSuite consultants and accountants‘ perspective is the fact that it can manage every part of your business to get a complete view of your finances and prevent data silos. Our clients like the superior user interface.

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    QuickBooks is not in and of itself a project management software. However, several project management software options integrate with QuickBooks. These project management software options include team collaboration, time and billing, recurring projects, or dates.


    Xero is a streamlined project management app for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides austere financial budgets, intuitive time tracking, and a simplified way to enter job costs. Everything is done with one login.

    Xero focuses on the financial aspects of project management. This platform gives you customization and end-to-end control of your products and team, and your business benefits from robust economic analysis.

    Simple Practice 

    Simple Practice is a project management software designed to handle everything you need from booking to billing. You can centralize your client communication using one secure online portal. Simple Practice offers the medical community HIPAA compliant video appointments and screen sharing.

    Billing, insurance, and schedules are all handled by Simple Practice. With this project management software, you can set up reminders, schedule appointments, simplify payments, and file primary and secondary insurance claims. Simple Practice gives you greater control and visibility.


    For Ambulatory Care 

    NextGen is a cloud-based EHR platform. It offers practice management, an intuitive patient portal, and RCM/medical billing. This software can streamline several processes for ambulatory practices, ranging from financial management to population health to clinical care. It is equipped with features like EHR, financial services, and mobile solutions.

    NextGen streamlines the healthcare process. It offers a customizable interface for viewing information. This platform simplifies the organization of records and has an intuitive workflow screen that provides a view of clinical employments, appointment cues, and clinical tasks.


    For Healthcare

    AthenaOne is a practice management software that delivers stellar patient and provider experiences. As a cloud-based platform, it integrates patient engagement capabilities, revenue cycle management, and HER technologies. 

    With AthenaOne, your organization can make decisions that support a more sustainable approach to primary care. AthenaOne combines powerful technology with data-driven insights to give your organization the power of the largest single connected network in healthcare. It makes making better financial performance easy.

    Get the Most from Your Practice Management Accounting Software

    Practice management accounting software has become a must for businesses of all sizes. Having the right software means better keeping up with accounting, personnel, patients, vendors, and customers.

    Fusion CPA can help you evaluate your company’s current needs and then find the right software to help you elevate your business to the next level. Click our discovery button below to learn more about our business advisory service and how we can help you find the technology needed to make your business grow.


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