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Efficiency is key as markets evolve and competition increases. For this reason, streamlined accounting processes have become more crucial for businesses than ever. Modern-day businesses are increasingly turning to automated solutions to maximize their accounting efficiency, and our CPAs can vouch for its benefits. Among the frontrunners in this realm is NetSuite. But, with the software’s sophistication often comes the drawback of it sometimes being difficult to navigate for lay users. This could also be owing to the fact that not every business user will be in the loop with the latest accounting developments and may therefore fail to take advantage of the full functionality. We take a look at the importance of a professional support system along with the right NetSuite set-up.

Benefits of getting professional NetSuite support 

At Fusion, our CPAs are all NetSuite-certified, and our collective expertise spans across industries and beyond conventional practices. This means that we have successfully built bespoke NetSuite integrations to ensure seamless and efficient utilization of the software.

Partnering with our NetSuite-certified professionals offers peace of mind, among many other benefits. These include:

  • Cost savings. Through streamlined processes and optimized resource utilization, we help you minimize unnecessary expenses. With NetSuite you gain access to customized reporting, inventory tracking and more; which means that you do not require additional software to interpret your data. This allows you to direct your financial resources where they matter most.
  • Access to specialized expertise. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of NetSuite allows for a level of proficiency that goes beyond basic accounting. This specialized skill set proves invaluable, particularly when faced with complex financial scenarios and intricate data management.
  • Flexibility and scalability. As your business evolves, you may require access to more of NetSuite’s modules to enhance its functionality for your growing needs. Our support approach is adaptable. Whether you’re experiencing growth or facing changes in your financial landscape, our team provides the flexibility needed to navigate these transitions without disruption.

NetSuite challenges to consider

But, it’s not all always smooth sailing. We recognize that adopting and optimizing NetSuite comes with its set of challenges. Potential data migration issues, for example, are a common concern during system transitions.

1. Data issues

At Fusion, We conduct trial runs and test processes before full implementation. This minimizes the risk of disruptions and data discrepancies. Our accounting services also include monthly data verification that aims to identify messy or misaligned records.

2. Navigating the platform

The second biggest issue we see when it comes to effective financial management within NetSuite is that our clients often don’t understand how to use the sophisticated functionality to its fullest. This, along with the fact that NetSuite is customizable based on the modules you require, means that functionality tool guides may differ from business to business. 

At Fusion CPA, knowledge transfer gaps are bridged through targeted training sessions. Our CPAs work alongside your in-house team to ensure gain the expertise needed to operate at their best.

Beyond initial training, we establish a continuous learning environment, ensuring your team stays updated with the latest NetSuite features and functionalities.

3. Improving shared understanding of the software

While it may sound simple, we have thirdly discovered that a lack of effective communication within in-house teams often leads to shared miseducation. Ensuring continuity in accounting processes is a shared responsibility. At Fusion, our CPAs establish feedback loops with our clients, creating channels for ongoing communication and collaboration. This not only allows for quick issue resolution of issues but also facilitates continuous improvement of systems and processes.

Essentially, at Fusion CPA, our NetSuite support offers a straightforward solution to enhance your accounting efficiency. With cost savings and access to specialized expertise at the core, our team ensures a smooth journey, addressing challenges head-on to elevate your financial operations.

We understand how to use NetSuite as a tool to elevate your accounting processes. But, we also know that it can feel like a maze to new users or those who don’t have extensive support. Contact us today for help.

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