The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a division of the U.S. Treasury Department, is announcing a fresh effort to locate high-income taxpayers who have neglected to file returns in prior years. These compliance visits can lead to IRS criminal investigations. Companies and individuals who want to know how to prepare for IRS visits need to be aware of the information in this latest news release from the tax authority.

Revenue Officers Will Conduct Face-to-Face Visits

IRS revenue officers are trained professionals. They are the government tax experts who will be making the visits to ensure compliance and fairness. Taxpayers and business owners are strongly advised to take advantage of filing extensions and various payment plans available on the IRS website, IRS criminal investigators have wide-ranging powers when they face non-cooperation from individuals or business owners they visit. Not only can these federal agents seize bank accounts and freeze assets, but they can also get court orders to repossess vehicles and other property.

Beginning this tax season, high-income taxpayers will be visited across the country. Anyone having trouble paying their tax bill should get caught up to date with payments or make arrangements to pay as soon as possible. IRS visits are serious matters and can result in dire financial consequences for anyone caught off guard. Knowing how to prepare for IRS visits can quickly turn into legal and financial trouble of the worst kind.

IRS Hiring Additional Enforcement Personnel

To prepare for a stepped-up number of IRS visits, the U.S. Treasury Dept. has been hiring extra enforcement agents in order to conduct what is expected to be many thousands of in-person interviews with anyone who has not filed past tax forms in a timely fashion. The specific time window includes the year 2018 and all tax year before that. According to the IRS, the agents will let taxpayers know how to bring their accounts up to date.

The latest news from the government's taxing authority noted that the IRS strives for fairness, especially when it comes to seeing that citizens and business owners in all income brackets pay the correct amount of tax they own and pay it on time. Filing late has many negative consequences, including:

  • A stiff penalty for failing to file

  • A penalty for paying taxes late, or anytime after the filing deadline

  • Penalties for filing incorrect or deliberately false tax documents of any kind

  • Potential criminal prosecution for those who refuse to file legally required tax forms, even after repeated warnings from the IRS

How To Prepare For IRS Visits

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