How Amazon Sellers Can Benefit From Netsuite Integration

Get a handle on accounting best practices as an Amazon seller, to avoid tax implications and penalties.

Overseeing your Amazon business is a simple process for selling products, but accounting for revenue and sales taxes can be challenging without efficient accounting software. While Amazon will automatically track inventory, shipping, and deliveries, you will need another solution to handle en-route deliveries and sales from other channels. When selling products online, an Amazon business must pay sales tax to government agencies and other taxes, such as federal income tax.

In some US states, you may have to make weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sales tax payments to your company’s bank, depending on the specific tax laws for that state. Setting up accounting and tax software for your management system can help you manage this area more effectively, and can be accomplished by outsourcing the accounting services of an expert. Netsuite accounting software is suitable for your business as an Amazon seller. A CPA can set up NetSuite for your Amazon-selling business and introduce bookkeeping processes for inputting accurate data and information about your daily sales transactions.

Netsuite and the services of a professional certified public account can ensure accurate financial reporting, sales taxes, and prompt payments following FASAB accounting standards and guidelines. Netsuite has rewarding benefits and features for accuracy and efficiency using cloud-based technology to prevent data losses, privacy violations, and data breaches.


Why we recommend Netsuite Amazon businesses

Choosing Netsuite accounting software equips your Amazon Business with tools that track and analyze transactions and generate reports. It measures your company’s financial position, accurately calculates net income, and records transactions on all seller channels, including Amazon.

Not only can it help you get a handle on your bookkeeping to avoid steep penalties for inaccurate sales reported locally or to the State of Georgia and the IRS; but it can also help you make informed business decisions based on accurate metrics, which might help you reduce costs. Efficient accounting software, like Netsuite, may also allow you more time to focus on other business aspects to run your company more proficiently.

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Benefits of Netsuite accounting software

  • Accounting Accuracy to eliminate data duplication and inefficiency.
  • Dashboards to easily monitor your Amazon business in real time.
  • Maintains compliance by applying GAAP accounting standards and rules.
  • Increases speed of financial closing on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.
  • Improves functions of your Amazon business and other seller channels.

Features of Netsuite for Amazon sellers

  • General Ledger is a feature that has technology for customizing your accounts, transactions, and reports to meet your business needs.
  • Accounts Receivable processes all your invoices and payments from customers and manages collections on past payments due. The accounts receivable feature can generate reports to help you make strategic decisions on company growth through funding or taking advantage of investment opportunities.
  • Netsuite’s Accounts Payable feature saves you time and increases vendor payment efficiency. You can avoid paying unnecessary late fees and receive valuable discounts for early payments, approximately 10 percent or more. Outsourcing accounting services can help ensure compliance with your internal policies to reduce fraudulent payment transactions.
  • Tax Management is a feature that manages local, state, federal, and international taxes. It generates thorough reports and analyzes transactions, assigning each transaction to the appropriate tax line item. You will need a separate tax line item for general sales taxes in Georgia and the city.
  • Close Management tracks all inefficiencies of accounts reconciliations, journal entries, variance analysis, and transactions before closing.
  • Fixed Assets Management manages and controls the depreciation lifecycle of equipment and non-depreciating assets. Track all your assets on multiple channels, including Amazon.
  • Payment Management provides your Amazon business with tools using Netsuite bank payments and payment processing features. Your outsourced accounting bookkeeper has solutions that can increase collections and track outstanding payments from customers in real-time.

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