Business Growth: Accounting Solutions to Scale Your Business Safely

Business Growth: Accounting Solutions to Scale Your Business Safely

Meet our client Sara: 

Our client owns a thriving interior design firm in Atlanta. She’s worked with independent accountants in the past, who all specialized in different areas of accounting. This meant that Sara was having her day-to-day bookkeeping managed by one accountant while having her personal and business tax returns prepared and filed by another. She also worked with a separate accounting firm that offered CFO guidance. While her interior design firm was thriving, Sara was often taken away from her core business to tend to finance and accounting requests from each of her accounting professionals, who were solely focused on their financial area.

This created a problem for Sara, as she couldn’t stay abreast of the conflicting finance-related tasks and manage operations for her business.  She contact us at Fusion CPA at a time when she had planned on doubling her gross revenue; and required more than bookkeeping, but also needed help making strategic financial decisions.

How we helped her:

Fortunately, Sara scheduled a discovery call with our team of CPAs, who are ready to assist any business.

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At Fusion CPA, we understand that all areas of a business should be in sync, as one impacts the other – regardless of how small that impact might be. We understood Sara’s frustration with regard to receiving conflicting financial advice from different experts, and immediately opted to resolve this by implementing accounting software that would allow her business to easily manage day-to-day bookkeeping tasks. This would also directly feed us the information we needed to tackle her taxes. By setting up the software for her, we knew that she’d be tracking the appropriate transactions for her industry. This would save Sara the time she was spending finding various accounting-related information and would make the tax-reconciliation process smoother and less stressful for her business. 

Because our expertise stretches beyond tax and accounting, we are interested in the bigger picture of a business. Once our CPAs have stabilized the accounting side of a business, we also look into the best strategies for mindful growth of your business, as part of our standard three-step business stabilization offering.

We knew that Sara was on the verge of doubling her revenue, and worked alongside her team to put practical measures in place to help them handle the influx of work better, but also to ensure that the business model is set up in such a way that increased revenue doesn’t become the ceiling. We helped Sara set up Microsoft Power BI software to help do business performance forecasting and look into slower revenue periods in the past. This is just what we needed to help Sara develop a financial strategy that would not only set her business up for continuous scalability but also aligns with her vision.

Our CPAs remain in constant partnership with Sara to ensure she is offered the support she needs at every stage of the journey.

Are you, like Sara, at the cusp of scaling your business and not sure what the safest route to take would be?

We can help you develop a mindful growth strategy and make sure the tax and accounting side of your business is stable enough for your business to expand.

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