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Fusion CPA specializes in Entertainment industry accounting, tax planning and preparation, and CFO business advisory for the Music and Film industry and entertainers, including professional athletes, actors, comedians, models, photographers, and social media influencers. Our goal is to address the complex issues our clients face in the Entertainment industry, such as royalties, tour expenses, and promotion costs. By having an extensive understanding of the entertainment industry atmosphere, we can resolve the industry-specific financial problems and tax issues our client’s encounter.

Whether you are a small firm, an established company, or an entertainer, Fusion CPA applies our resources to help you identify opportunities to achieve your goals, provide operational efficiency through effective workflows and processes, and increase profits for your company or career.

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If you want to create a truly successful and thriving business in the entertainment industry, you will need to have a vision and a working plan of action that aligns with that vision, as well as those you intend to reach or represent. With the right business solutions for entertainment, you can begin organizing and managing your business’s financial aspects on a much tighter and more intimate playing field. When you utilize professional business solutions for entertainment, you will also gain valuable insight into your business’s overall inner workings, potential setbacks, and future opportunities that can help you take your venture to the next level of success.

With the use of marketing scorecards and KPIs, you can gain valuable insight into your target audience and the demographics you intend to reach, whether you are interested in appealing to potential clients in need of representation or seeking new customers.

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Without proper and efficient tax-planning, you run the risk of putting your entertainment business in financial and legal jeopardy.

With the help of professional bookkeeping for entertainment industry services, you will stay on top of your taxes without accruing penalties or fees from improperly filed quarterly and annual taxes. Working with professionals who specialize in representing the entertainment industry is also a way for you to complete payroll taxes accurately and on time to avoid any risk of losing clients, employees, or other partners and investors you have taken on.

Even if your media and entertainment company is focused solely on a digital economy and alternative methods of generating revenue, a good bookkeeping service is essential. With the right professional bookkeeper, maximize your deductions and savings to provide yourself with more net income to put directly back into your business’s growth and expansion.

When it comes to owning and operating an entertainment business, tax planning is not always simple or straightforward. It can vary from state to state based on current tax and business laws in place. To truly feel secure in your financial decisions and your overall accounting choices, it is best to work with an accounting firm and provider who specializes in assisting those who specifically work in the media and entertainment industries.

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Professional bookkeeping for entertainment industry clients is highly advisable, whether you are a seasoned veteran in the industry or launching a media or entertainment business for the first time. Professional bookkeepers who specialize in the entertainment industry are well-versed in various accounting areas that are not always prevalent in traditional individual accounting and traditional retail businesses.

When you first meet with a prospective accounting firm or professional, you can immediately begin discussing potential opportunities for your media or entertainment company regarding accounting and filing taxes as well as keeping track of revenue, payroll, inventory, and even returns. Your accountant will have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a clear and guided path to success by preparing taxes, tracking banking statements, and ensuring all payments are made to both state and federal agencies on-time on a regular basis.

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As you begin to scale and expand your business in the industry, you may start considering software integration solutions. Automating tedious tasks and having data you can trust will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You should consider innovative alternatives that cater to those working in the entertainment and media industry.

Whether you are scaling at a predictable or unpredictable rate, having the right software integration solution for your entertainment company is imperative to prevent potential losses or troubles once you begin to grow even more.

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At Fusion CPA, we can help with everything from mergers and acquisitions to globalization, research and development, and tax incentives. If you are ready to take control of your finances and accounting while maintaining your peace of mind, contact Fusion CPA to learn more about the services we provide.

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“Since I’ve been with Fusion, they have provided with me a solid business plan to continue my growth, both horizontally and vertically. They implement streamline review, critique, and implementation, that allows for any and all companies to assess their worth and, in turn, allocate the best resources to turn maximum profit. In short, Fusion CPA will take your company from tier-1 to top-level with their expertise, top-notch advice, and excellent implementation.” – Arthur Headly.


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