Accounting Seed Integration

We are accountants who also optimize accounting software

Accounting Seed Integration

We are accountants who also optimize accounting software

You or your CPA can automate accounting processes to save your company time and money. It’s great for customer retention when financials are never a hiccup, especially in companies where it can get complicated billing clients.

Automating accounting is becoming a way for companies to get the upper hand in business management. Imagine – your data notifying you when anything out of the ordinary occurs. And when you need a finance report, it’s available at the click of a button. It’s a way of having the numbers come to you, instead of having to sift through data to find something useful. 

Our Accountants Can Customize Accounting Seed

Plus, Accounting Seed is a “no code” financial platform. That means that you will not have to learn HTML, CSS, or other arcane programming languages to use it. Nor do you have to have a computer science degree to understand how to use Accounting Seed’s platform. The entire program has received rave reviews based on its ease of use.

Why You Need Cloud-Based Accounting Software

You probably want accounting software that can go wherever you go. Accounting Seed can do just that. Because Accounting Seed operates as a cloud-based platform, that means you can access it anywhere you have a laptop.

Implementing Accounting Seed

Fusion CPA can handle all these aspects of software migration and streamline your accounting to reach your business goals!

As a financial advisor, I have referred clients to Fusion CPA / Trevor knowing they are working with a team that is competent, knowledgeable and detail-oriented. I love that they operate from a consultative approach taking the client's whole business picture into account and not just focusing on a one-time tax return”

Moving to new accounting software can be really risky business, especially if you’re using mulitple applications for different functions. You need to ensure that you’re:

  1. Using the right software
  2. Able to transfer all data without any glitches
  3. Training employees who are going to use the software

Is Accounting Seed suitable for your business? This depends on a lot of factors and our CPAs can advise you on the right solution for your needs. We do software integration for all popular accounting platforms, as well as niche software.

Whether they’re logging their hours or job costs, your team needs to be mobilized to use the new software.

Salesforce's Finance 360

As an independent business owner, you might want an accounting solution to which you will always have access. Somewhere you can see all your data in one place to be able to make business decisions with confidence. That’s why many entrepreneurs consider using accounting software like Accounting Seed by Salesforce

Accounting Seed is a great financial management platform that allows you to spend fewer hours tussling over numbers.

With this software, your team can automate billing, balance the books, and handle payroll with relative ease. One of the many benefits is its flexibility. Most accounting software packages only allow you to do certain tasks in a very rigid way. With Accounting Seed, you can perform a wide variety of tasks in the way you and your employees see fit.

Our Services Can Scale With Your Business

We also have CFOs on our team to assist you with business growth when you’re ready to make the most of your business’ potential. 

We are outsourced bookkeepers, CFOs, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about offering our clients a lasting relationship to help their business grow.

After our accounting services stabilized your finances, we can use your company’s accounting data to determine your profitability, as well as business forecasting

Empower your business for sustained growth with our reliable accounting software knowledge

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