Entertainment is an ever-growing industry. There is always a perceived glamour associated with working in the entertainment industry. However, behind the sparkle are teams of hardworking people managing these businesses. For a growing entertainment business like yours, a reliable CPA is necessary to help you manage your finances. Nevertheless, even if you have an entertainment industry accountant that understands the ins and outs of entertainment industry bookkeeping, it is still essential to have excellent accounting software by your side. Fortunately, Accounting Seed was made with your kind of business in mind.

Automating Entertainment Industry Bookkeeping

Accounting Seed is able to help your entertainment business to bring its accounting process into the 21st century. It is user-friendly and designed as a plug-and-play financial management platform. Furthermore, it simplifies the accounting process, allowing you to spend less time worrying about spreadsheets and more time focusing on ways to propel your company forward. The automated customer billing feature simplifies the process of moving through your sales pipeline; from sales to delivery of invoices. You can also quickly start new projects thanks to Accounting Seed’s recurring billing plans. For those who are not very tech-savvy, no complicated integration is necessary to get the program working. Hence, it provides a seamless flow of information between your financials and your SalesForce system.

Benefits Of Customizability And Visibility

The entertainment industry sometimes faces unique accounting problems. Traditional accounting systems often prevent you from doing business in a way that will keep your stakeholders happy without compromising the visibility of your entertainment business. Accounting Seed allows you to link mission-critical business applications with your banks to give you a summary of your data end-to-end. As your entertainment business grows, you can also perform endless customizations to let the platform to grow with you.

Some of the facets of this program you can customize include:

  • Paying vendors

  • Billing customers

  • Project accounting

  • General ledger

  • Monitoring latest product release

This platform empowers you by giving you the information you need to make qualified and strategic business decisions. When you increase data visibility for your stakeholders, you put yourself in a position to grow. Some of the aspects of this platform that set it apart from the other system include:

  • Integration- serving as your authoritative source for correct financial data.

  • Cloud-based- so you have access to it from it anywhere.

  • Automated data gathering- gets rid of manual entry and multiple spreadsheets.

  • Intuitive design- offering a user-friendly dashboard and interface.

Our team of entertainment industry financial advisers is committed to helping our clients like you maximize profits, minimize redundancy, and have a clear vision of where your entertainment business stands. We can also provide financial strategies that you can apply to help you reach your financial goals for your business. If you want to learn more, click the button below to schedule a complimentary discovery call today!


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