Our Employee Journey

Read more about the people who make a good fit for Fusion CPA and how we determine if we’d be a good match!


embrace transparency

Embrace complete transparency

support accountability

Exhibit people skills

partnerships with people

Feel passionate about their work

embrace transparency

Love to use technology

We Value Each Other

We listen to everyone’s inputs and point of view. We make time at the start of each meeting to hear about each other’s outlook on our work at that moment. We like to share some personal news. Taking a few minutes to hear about each other definitely helps everyone bond and contributes to a positive atmosphere. We care about each other’s families and understand when there are emergencies. We support each other to do our jobs well. We believe in solving problems together and using our time wisely. Our business structure ensures that communication is always open between you, your manager and our CEO. We use measurable data as well as workflow management to determine if we are on the right track. We value each other’s time and priorities by scheduling issues to be solved in meetings. Anyone can raise an issue and no issue remains unsolved.

Are we the right fit?

Before working with us, we will work with you to determine:

Can you do it?

We make sure that you understand what the job entails and what we expect from you. Some applications require simulations of tasks that you will need to complete so we’re sure that you are comfortable adhering to our KPIs.

Do you want it?

We will discuss what a day in the job will entail and we are transparent about our processes and expectations to ensure that you know what you can expect. It’s important to us that you want to do the job and that it is fulfilling.

Do you get it?

We collaborate on our processes and while you might start learning how things were done in the past, we polish our processes and use of technology on a regular basis. We are a team who can spot issues, give input, ask for help, and hold each other accountable.

Who We Are

Fusion CPA is an award-winning outsourced accounting, tax planning, and business growth advisory firm headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico with an office in Atlanta, GA. We are a very technologically forward-thinking and growth-minded firm, which extends to our clients and staff. Our clients from all over the US rely on us to help them stabilize, analyze, and grow their businesses. Because we do a great job of this, we’re growing and are looking to bring more team members into our fold!