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Whether your goal is to become a more systematized organization to stabilize or scale your organization utilizing weekly activity-based scorecards KPIs will allow you to accurately gauge the pulse of your organization on a consistent basis. Your scorecard is not your organization’s P&L statement; your scorecard allows you to get a more accurate prediction of what your P&L will reflect. So for example, your scorecard will not tell you what your financial numbers will look like at the end of the quarter. However; if you are able to monitor key metrics from your sales, operations, and finance departments on a weekly basis you will be able to react to issues and downturns as they arise.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when creating your departmental scorecards.

  • Must be measurable: when you implement a scorecard that is measurable you reduce the bias that lies within managing assumptions, opinions, egos, and emotions.

  • Review metrics weekly: your scorecard metrics need to be weekly activity-based numbers that you can quickly review to measure whether your organization is on or off track.

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