For a law firm owner, proper bookkeeping and accounting management is crucial to the profitability and overall operation of a business. It also promotes good practice management. Our law firm CPAs strive to equip law firms with the right tools, including Zola Suite legal software.

Zola Suite uses “intelligent” timekeeping tools that can follow you as you make the shift from your laptop to your mobile device. Zola Suite offers the functionality to help you to track time remotely using iOS or Android devices, even if the timer starts while you’re at your desk. Tasks, calendar events, and activity logs can be automatically converted to billable hours using Zola Suite’s industry-leading timekeeping tools. That means you should never have to go backward to piece together the minutes spent on a case or client because Zola Suite is keeping track of it all in real-time.

The Case for Zola Suite

Time and billing are interwoven seamlessly in the Zola Suite ecosystem. In addition to creating and completing billing tasks, Zola Suite offers metrics and insights that show you exactly where you stand with every case and client. 


  • Custom client rate cards
  • Full-cycle retainer/trust management
  • Intake for credit card payments
  • Compensation reports showcasing billed, collected, responsible, and originating details
  • Reporting and analytics for AR
  • Client reports for AR aging, sales tax, invoice lists, and payment history
  • Trust reports highlighting three-way reconciliation, trust account ledgers, and Trust-WIP-AR

You have the option to use Zola Suite’s QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration or the Zola Suite built-in accounting platform. While the robustness of Zola Suite is a strength, you may find that only some of Zola Suite’s feature is necessary to satisfy your staff attorney’s tax planning and accounting needs. You should not downgrade to something “simpler” because you fear that such a feature-rich platform is too robust for your needs. Zola Suite’s features are fully scalable with help from staff attorney financial advisers.

Accounting Reports

The report generation offered by Zola Suite may be an asset for staff attorney tax planning because all of it is automatic, easy to search, and highly accessible – giving you the option to never feel like invoices are hiding or forgotten.


  • General ledger
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • Chart of accounts
  • Trial balance
  • Vendor payments
  • Account reconciliation
  • Write-off listings
  • AP aging summary

These items represent precisely what a staff attorney CPA may ask for as you’re preparing for tax season. That means that Zola Suite should make staying current and accountable with your records much easier. Yes, reconciling everything really can be done on a real-time, continual basis with almost no need for manual entry.

Exploring Zola Suite

Zola Suite looks out for attorneys even when it’s not crunching and tracking the numbers for them. Zola Suite’s custom matter management and intelligent email offer advanced communications tracking and unique features that allow for optimization of digital interactions. Zola Suite’s email system even allows you to activate a court-admissible option for proof of delivery.

How can you start using Zola Suite?

The best way to get this platform integrated into your setup is with the help of staff attorney CFO advisory services. That’s where Fusion CPA comes in. Our staff attorney financial advisers offer to help you to maximize every important Zola Suite feature for your tax, accounting, and bookkeeping strategies. We can show you how our staff attorney CFO advisory services can give you a platform that catches, crunches, and reports efficiently.

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