What Is Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Alternative Software?

what is Microsoft dynamic gp

Working with business accounting software such as Microsoft GP can help you track your receivables, payables, inventory and other essential elements, keeping you abreast of your business’s financial position. However, when using third-party software, it’s essential to ensure you have the latest version. Doing so provides you with new features, fixes bugs and offers access to the latest tax updates.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 Is Ending Mainstream Support in 2021

Periodically, software applications get to the end of their life cycle and support is stopped. When this date occurs, you won’t receive any more new security updates, paid or free assisted support options, non security updates or online technical content updates. Choosing to migrate to another software option may be a choice you’ll want to take. Getting assistance with this task can be easier and quicker when we help you migrate from one platform to another.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP end date for support?

If you’ve been working with Microsoft GP and received a message about the software being unsupported after it’s July 13, 2021 end date, you may have asked, “What is Microsoft Dynamics GP offering after mainstream support stops?” Like the life cycle of several software products from Microsoft, it’s scheduled to move into Extended Support. This transition will offer free security updates, but you’ll have to pay to get non security updates and support. Microsoft will also not be accepting any requests for new features or design changes during this phase of support. Once Microsoft announces this type of transition, it’s usually best to stabilize your accounting process by migrating to a different platform before you have a product that’s not working correctly. Receiving our assistance with this task may be your best option. We’ve worked with several accounting software solutions, giving us a clear perspective on the best ones to use. Tapping into our experience and knowledge should be highly beneficial. Now that we’ve answered the question, “What is Microsoft Dynamics GP end date for support?” you may want to migrate to one of the accounting software solutions we feel is best.

NetSuite can Replace Microsoft GP – And Offer More

With Microsoft GP ending mainstream support, it opens up new options when managing your financials. Taking your business to the next level requires a clear analysis of the money you’re spending and stashing in your accounts. Stabilizing, analyzing and scaling your company can be more efficient to handle when using the correct type of accounting software. Whatever industry your business is involved in, you will probably benefit from utilizing an efficient software solution like Oracle NetSuite. A top choice for enterprises, it’s also an ideal application for small or medium business owners. Equipped with the latest features when it comes to analyzing and executing separate financial processes in your company, this robust software suite is one of the most effective you can utilize Oracle NetSuite ERP options

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Making the Migration and Integration of Your Accounting Software Easier

Any time you migrate from one software system to another, it can be challenging to implement quickly and efficiently. Attempting to perform the task independently, without any experience with the process or application you’ll be switching to, can be cumbersome and complicated. Wasting time in making the switch will likely occur if you don’t get help with this project. Fortunately, we can help you make the implementation, integration and optimization smoother by using our four-step process. Working with several different financial software transitions in the past has allowed us to refine the steps required to analyze your data and guide you through the navigation needed to make the switch. The result should offer you the transparency of your finances you desire and assist you in understanding more about your ability to stabilize and grow as a company.

What is Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Alternative?

Here at Fusion CPA, we offer professional integration and optimization of new software and would be happy to discuss your current situation, requirements and challenges. Safeguarding against the loss of data and helping to ensure the implementation is completed as best as possible is our specialty. Making a discovery call and talking to one of our CPAs can help you learn more about the process. Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP alternatives by contacting us for a free discovery call today.

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