The Importance of Diversity in Business: How To Implement Diversity

Why is Cultural Diversity Important

Having a healthy variety of people from many cultures on your team gives your business the balance of thoughts, voices, and perspectives needed to thrive in a modern world. Many businesses are still struggling in creating that healthy balance of people from different backgrounds. Yet, much emphasis is being placed on achieving greater diversity within companies as it can positively impact business and society in the short-term and long-term.

Cultural Diversity Helps Businesses Thrive

Working in an environment with individuals from different backgrounds, unique experiences, and diverse skill sets means that there will be a greater pool to draw from when collecting creative ideas. This can greatly impact a business and help expand the business in the long run.

People feel more comfortable expressing their unique ideas if they are not the only ones who think differently than the rest of the group. Cultural diversity helps businesses stand out when compared to businesses that tackle problems from just one perspective.


We Learn More When We Are Challenged

It can be a challenge for employees who are accustomed to working in a homogeneous environment to adapt to the thoughts, attitudes, and personalities of individuals outside of their same group. With time, though, that sense of uncomfortableness can turn into happiness.

Working in an environment that promotes inclusivity and diversity can make employees feel happier, which will be reflected in the work they produce. Employees will feel comfortable in their roles, new opportunities will be created, and the business will thrive.

Productivity can increase in a business through diversity. This is because a diverse group of people can offer a wide range of skills and experiences. Coworkers are able to learn and work together. Increased productivity leads to a greater exchange of ideas, allowing a business to reach its goals and to thrive in a shorter amount of time. When properly implemented, diversity can give a business a leg up on its competition.

Why Is Cultural Diversity Important for Your Customers?

Your customers come from a wide range of backgrounds. If your business has a diverse, inclusive team, you will be able to market your business to people from different backgrounds because your team will be built up of individuals who truly understand a variety of thoughts and perceptions.

Employees can better promote a business if they have a similar background to your customers. As your business grows in its diversity, you are better able to learn the needs, wants, and desires of different groups of people and how to target your products toward them.

How to Implement Diversity

Creating a diverse workplace does not happen by accident. It requires a long-term plan to include diversity at different levels of the organization. The plan must be quantifiable, and the tools and resources must be in place to stick with the plan to the end.

  1. Investing in diversity strategies means talent development. Diversity strategies represent a cultural shift that requires your organization to be patient and to be committed to its success.
  2. Include diversity and inclusion in your mission statement, business values, marketing plans, vision, and public image. This includes having a strategic onboarding process that is administered thoughtfully to provide developmental opportunities to a diverse group of people.

Business leaders understand that in the short-term, diversity and inclusion can create discomfort. However, if they truly realize the importance of diversity in business, they will take responsibility for implementing it in their business culture.

Responsible business leaders understand that diversity and inclusion are not just dealt with by the HR department. Leaders needs to make an open commitment to a diversity strategy, exhibit accountability, and set goals for diversity that can be measured and reported on.

Remain Open to Ways to Assess Diversity

Fusion CPA is a business advisory firm that sees diversity as one of our core values. We are proud of our team. Our people are our most valuable asset, and we support them however we can. Whether your company has inclusion and diversity practices or not, now is the time to assess, integrate, and enhance diversity in your business culture.

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