We Look at the Best Accounting Software for Manufacturing Companies

Accounting Software For Manufacturing

When the COVID-19 pandemic initially hit, manufacturing ground to a halt. Organizations quickly pivoted to offer products and services online. As a result, this led to a resurgence in manufacturing primarily linked to e-commerce shopping. As is the case with most industries, accounting for manufacturing has been modernized to meet the needs of modern workflows, of which state of the art accounting software is the key. Wondering which accounting software to go with for your business can be a stressful decision, so we have chosen two of our top performing softwares to recommend to you. This article will explore these two best options for accounting software for manufacturing in all the detail you need to make a decision for your business. 

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Our Favorite Accounting Software for Manufacturers are:

NetSuite is a comprehensive accounting solution tailored to the needs of wholesalers and manufacturers. It is a robust platform that has features for shop floor control, supply chain management, order management, procurement, production control, and more. NetSuite is tailored to help manufacturers get rid of spreadsheets that lead to errors and wasting time and money. By introducing automation into the accounting process, NetSuite helps accelerate close financial processes while minimizing IT costs.

The integrated nature of NetSuite allows for compliance management and improved efficiency of all financial aspects of your organization. As an ERP, NetSuite gives you real-time access to your live financial data. This allows manufacturers to make timely decisions.

The Number One Global ERP Option

When you switch to a global ERP, it allows you to operate your supply chain or your manufacturing process from any place on the globe. It comes equipped with tools to monitor outsourced manufacturing processes. NetSuite is a complete financial management tool. NetSuite provides everything a manufacturing organization needs to keep track of inventory, accounting, and tax compliance from general ledger to fixed asset management tools.

Our NetSuite accounting services supports tax planning, accounts receivable, cash management, account payable, and more. 

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Sage Intacct is a leading cloud accounting solution for manufacturers. It is accessible at any time and anywhere as long as the user has Internet access. Sage Intacct is purposefully built for accounting. It seamlessly integrates with other software that is used to run a manufacturing business.

Sage Intacct can handle basic accounting, such as the general ledger and accounts payable. It can also manage advanced functions like global consolidations, multi-entry, contract revenue management, and project accounting.

One of the highlights of Sage Intacct is its ease of use for financial and non-financial matters. The platform automatically updates each quarter. Sage Intacct handles all updates.

Another aspect of its user-friendliness is how easy it is to comprehend reports and dashboards. Sage Intacct has robust integration and flexibility thanks to its open public API. In addition to creating a platform, Sage Intacct pioneers education and training.

With purchases, Sage Intacct provides quick and accurate visibility for structured transactions and approvals. Its credits feature allows you to automate the collection and billing process, thereby accelerating your cash cycle.

Liquidity Features

Its liquidity management feature allows you to monitor multiple accounts with real-time visibility. Its ledger allows for various currencies, geographic areas, and entities. You can synchronize everything using this platform in just a few minutes.

Order management features automate high-volume, complicated cash quote cycles to improve profitability. Its analysis features provide your organization with scheduled reports that allow you to monitor critical metrics.

Sage Intacct is the top-rated cloud financial management software for midsize manufacturing firms that are growing. It offers innovative technology, a modern cloud architecture, and powerful automation to help your business scale.

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The Power of Accounting Software for Manufacturing

Manufacturing accounting software has helped organizations keep pace with the rapid changes in the manufacturing field. They can synchronize critical elements related to the shop floor and customer relationship management, finances, distribution management, and human capital management. Manufacturer accounting software (like the ones we’ve mentioned above) centralizes daily financial processes into a master database. 

Fusion CPA helps small to medium-sized manufacturing firms better understand their current financial standing while assisting them to achieve future goals. In addition to offering tax services and bookkeeping, we can help your organization analyze its technological needs to choose the right manufacturing accounting software. Learn more about the services we provide and schedule a discovery call by clicking the button below.


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