AccountAbility: Marketing Agency Accounting & Financial Reporting

The nature of marketing businesses presents business owners with unique problems and challenges. You need to use the correct platforms with the help of excellent marketing firm CPAs to guide their business to success. Luckily, marketing businesses around the world can depend on the innovative software known as AccountAbility.

AccountAbility provides dozens of features to provide your marketing firm with efficient management and accounting capabilities. It gives you back control over the different aspects of your business. Some of the features that make this possible include:

Bespoke Reporting

  1. Intuitive Dashboard - view key metrics that affect your business at a glance.

  2. User-Friendly Interface - AccountAbility is designed with minimalism in mind. Its charts, tables, and graphs are clean and absent of unnecessary designs.

  3. Scalability - Seamlessly upgrade your AccountAbility account to ensure continued functionality. Its scalability also allows you to use the platform for the changing needs of your business.

Run Your Business At Optimal Levels

You want your advertising agency to run at optimal performance. AccountAbility can help you achieve this by replacing your old legacy systems with its excellent proprietary integrated solutions. By having a clear vision of your agency’s financial performance, you can make the best decisions for things like marketing firm tax planning, budget allocation, and more.

You can access your AccountAbility account anytime and anywhere. With its mobile responsive design, you no longer have to worry about missing important events in your business. You can also provide access to your marketing firm accountant to give him or her the same functionality.

Monitor Your Business With AccountAbility’s Set of Reliable Reports

Reports are the best way for you to track the growth of your business. It gives you an overview of trends and changes that may affect your business’s finances. With it, you and your marketing firm bookkeeper can make careful and calculated decisions on how to steer your company.

Here are some of AccountAbility’s financial reports:

A. Receivable and Payables Report

Accountability’s Receivable report provides you with an overview of your client’s outstanding balances. It also has an excellent receivable aging graph to help you determine which receivables should be collected, and which are overdue. With AccountAbility’s Payable reports, you can budget and allocate your marketing firm’s current assets to more urgent debts; thus, helping you avoid getting a bad record with your suppliers.

B. Cash Flow Report

AccountAbility’s Cash flow report can help you find out where your marketing firm’s cash is coming from and going to. With this knowledge, you can determine opportunities that can help you minimize the outflow of your money and properly time your cash expenditures.

C. Client Profitability

Determine which of your clients are bringing you the most revenue with AccountAbility’s Client Profitability report. With this report, you can assign costs to your projects and clients to help you determine if they are worth investing your time on.

Here at Fusion CPA, our reliable marketing firm CPAs are trained to create and analyze the financial reports for your business. We can help you generate reports such as Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, and more. We can also help you analyze these reports to determine weaknesses or strengths in your marketing firm. We also offer other accounting services such as marketing firm CFO advisory, tax planning strategy, and more. Call us now to learn more!


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