When a business hires an accounting partner, they do so with the belief that their new vendor will stay on top of their bookkeeping, payroll reconciliation, and tax planning needs so that they can focus their energy on other projects. This is especially true for law firms – since managing partners are often far too busy working on complicated cases to find time to tackle the firm’s books. Given this expectation, it can then come as something of a shock to learn that the accounting firm has fallen behind on their responsibilities or forgotten about them entirely.

However, when your law firm CPAs have the capability to work with Accelo’s new automatic retainer trigger, it becomes almost impossible for even the smallest tasks to fall through the cracks.

Fusion CPA is proud to offer a wider variety of accounting services to our valued clients – and Accelo’s new automatic retainer trigger system can help with just about all of them.

Our experienced law firm CPAs can use Accelo’s intuitive software to automatically prompt them to complete your company’s monthly bank reconciliation or enter your expenses. The system will allow them to take on these tasks as outlined in the service contract or retainer. This means that if we agreed to enter your expenses once every two weeks, you can expect us to do exactly that. No need for reminders, updates, or check-ups.

Though Accelo’s software can certainly be a huge help for ongoing accounting tasks such as bookkeeping and payroll reconciliation, it can also be used for larger projects. In particular, our law firm tax planning and preparation team believes that it has the ability to make the taxation process a lot smoother and easier. Accelo’s program will an accountant to automatically review and analyze your company’s finances at set intervals throughout the year. This can help to make the year-end process quite a bit easier and may even result in a reduction in your overall tax liability through effective and ongoing planning.

Accelo’s automatic retainer trigger system can be equally helpful in ensuring the ongoing compliance of IOLTA (Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts) funds. By automatically triggering tasks such as audits and financial check-ups, Accelo’s software can help an accountant to ensure that funds such as these remain on the right side of the law.

Put simply, Accelo’s automatic retainer triggers allow users to easily manage all of the ongoing tasks that are a part of any retainer or service agreement. Since accounting agreements usually contain multiple service requirements, it is helpful to know that these triggers can be used to automate tasks at any frequency – ensuring that accountants never miss a deadline. When a client needs expenses entered on a Monday, payroll reconciliation completed on Thursday, and has a tax preparation meeting scheduled for the following Tuesday, the ongoing retainer triggers help to ensure that the accountant is always prepared and on-time. By working with the Accelo software, accounting retainers can be managed in a much smoother and more streamlined way.


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