NetSuite Pricing Explained

We help businesses make sense of NetSuite – the most popular ERP in the world. Let’s look at how NetSuite’s price is determined.

Oracle NetSuite

Our NetSuite consultants have put together the most comprehensive Oracle NetSuite pricing guide on the internet. We want to show you all you need to know about NetSuite pricing to help you identify the features that are best suited for your business and possibly save you money along the way.

How NetSuite Pricing Works

Pricing for Netsuite is determined by the different suites you make use of, as well as the size of your company. The suite you license should match the size of your company and the functions you require. NetSuite pricing offers three primary suites. 

  • NetSuite Limited-Edition is for small businesses with a single legal entity and less than 50 employees who need 10 user licenses or fewer.
  • NetSuite Midmarket Edition is for companies that need more than 10 named users, have two or more legal entities, require consolidated financial reports, and use multiple currencies.
  • NetSuite Enterprise Edition is for companies that need a thousand or more named users

How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

NetSuite pricing is customer-tailored. This means that the price you pay can vary drastically.  The NetSuite modules you implement, the number of people accessing the system, the level of support you need, and your ability to negotiate will impact the final price. Contact us to help you choose the right modules as this determines the price you’ll pay.

Cost Per User in NetSuite Pricing

Licensing software as a service means price variances based on the number of licenses needed. The more users you have, the more expensive the subscription agreement is.

To determine the true per-user cost, you first need to add up the cost of the suite and any additional NetSuite modules and user licenses and then divide that by the total number of users to get an exact figure.

You will require one license for each person who needs complete access to the system. Some users need limited access. These users might share a common login. But from an auditing and accountability standpoint, it is generally recommended to have one user license agreement per person.

There are several NetSuite pricing user types, including:

  • Full User License: These have access to all application areas and need to transact in the system.
  • Employee Self-Service License: This is for people who enter and track time against the project. They may create expense reports and enter PTOs. Their use of NetSuite is limited.
  • Read-Only Access: This lets management teams access reports and dashboards inside of NetSuite. Read-only access still requires a full user license. A workaround with this is creating static reports that can be sent out to management as a PDF, CSV, or Excel document.

Other licenses include Oracle NetSuite Planning & Budgeting Cloud Service Users and NetSuite OpenAir Users. Remember, you can get started with a handful of licenses with NetSuite and then add users throughout your license agreement. Also, if need be, you can scale back the number of users during your renewal period.

We Answer Your NetSuite Pricing FAQs

The NetSuite Limited Edition has been created for small businesses. Within this package, there are requirements and restrictions. Contact us to help you choose the right modules as this determines the price you’ll pay.

There is no set per-month cost. You will need to know what advanced modules will be needed, the support package you will need, and user types and quantities.

NetSuite is more expensive than QuickBooks because it is a much more comprehensive ERP, as opposed to only billing and accounting software. When compared to other ERPs like SAP, NetSuite is more affordable. In the past, NetSuite compared to Microsoft Great Plains and Microsoft Dynamics, but Microsoft will be ending support for these two options soon. NetSuite used to compete with other Oracle ERPs, but NetSuite is the more affordable option that Oracle plans on keeping and developing long term.

NetSuite is designed to help you scale indefinitely without ever needing to use another ERP again. This gives your business the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the software you’re investing in today can scale and develop to provide the financial, CRM, and security tools needed in ten or twenty years from now.

NetSuite is a SaaS, which means that it is completely subscription-based. The longer the subscription term, the more negotiating room there is with pricing for Netsuite. The benefit of a subscription service is that the cost of NetSuite is predictable and stable. Most companies will do a five-year contract term. This limits price increases. For negotiation purposes, some organizations opt to pay the full subscription in advance.

NetSuite can also be packaged into predictable monthly payments. This option is great for companies that are growing quickly and have limited cash on hand but need to move from QuickBooks to a more comprehensive system without investing a ton of cash upfront.

These flexible billing terms make NetSuite more accessible to startups and SMBs who want to scale rapidly.

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