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Marketing agencies move quickly, but if it seems like there’s too much financial chaos, you need a CPA on your side to help make sense of it all. Tax planning for marketers also depends on where your business is located, as states often have different laws.

All businesses use some type of marketing to get the word out about services and products. Marketing and advertising are crucial to any business, but tax planning is necessary for marketing agencies and consultants. We can help you understand customer preferences, purchasing trends, and inventory levels–making it easier for marketers to pivot and make informed decisions on their next campaigns.

With expert tax planning, your business finances are organized and easy to understand. You’ll save money and time, and you won’t have to deal with tax penalties or being audited.

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Marketers benefit from having a strong accounting team on their side. There are several benefits to having a solid financial system in place for marketers. For one, you always know your position and what to pivot on.

Furthermore, invoicing for marketing agencies can be complex and an accountant can help streamline this process.

With real-time reports, you can see when campaigns lead to actual sales, and when promotions aren’t doing anything at all but spending budget. With our knowledge of e-commerce management software, you can also set campaign goals and get alerts when you’re hitting these benchmarks.

With financial data at your beck and call, you can lead your marketing teams to higher success and never struggle again with understanding a campaign’s ROI. Your dashboard can clearly show you where campaigns are falling short or when your advertising spend should be increased even more on a product.

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We work with all kinds of businesses that lean on accounting and management platforms to make informed decisions. Our experience and resources help marketers identify opportunities and achieve bigger goals, taking the guesswork out of campaign attribution and measurement.

Most marketing agencies only get feedback from clients when something isn’t working, but what if you could pinpoint exactly where in the sales process, the campaigns fell short? You’d be able to see important KPIs and scorecards directly from accounting software that can also help track your business processes and inform your business decisions.

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Is it really that simple to integrate accounting software with a marketing platform? With Fusion CPA, yes! It’s actually vital to your business that the right software works with your applications. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so you always receive a custom integration that does exactly what you need.

If you’re looking for more data on sales projections for your Facebook campaigns, we can customize your dashboard to include specific campaign data. You’ll know which campaigns are leading to sales and which ones are having trouble. This helps you reduce risks and strengthen your advertising tenfold.

With a clear view of your finances, sales, and inventory, you can serve up the best strategies for higher ROI. Suppose you want to scale your business and gain insight into how your marketing is helping your clients or your business. In that case, the integration of this software is necessary for higher performance.

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“Most CPAs only put the numbers in the forms. What I love about these guys is they really understand my business. They work with our team so we understand our financial picture at all times and help us run our business. They are entrepreneurs and they understand entrepreneurs. They take care of my multi-company corp bookkeeping, corp/personal tax prep and strategic growth planning.”

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